Sunday, November 2, 2008

Murni Mamak

When people discuss the place to makan, yum char in PJ, Murni Mamak stall no longer a new place for them, everyone's get familiar with this place and even for sure most of the people who lives in PJ or work in PJ have visited at least once! So do I, I have visited this place N times..

And today, will be my un-counted re-visited at Murni mamak with my fellow friends - QQ and Elvin. Hmm.. Why Murni for today? No idea, maybe it's been long time since last visited.

My friends go for one of their special drink - Mango special (M), with watermelon, lycee, nata de coco blend together with Mango juice.

I have go for my all time favourite - Kiwi Special (S), with watermelon, lycee, nata de coco blend together with Kiwi juice.. Slurppss.. Nice to try! (Only if you like Kiwi..) ^^*

One of their famouse roti style @ Murni - Roti Hawaii, with lots of minced meat, sausages and with mayonnaise topping on the roti! Must try!

Spaghetti with white cream sauce, my friend did not commend on this spaghetti and I din't try a bite also, so.. I have no idea how it was!

Yeah~ Did you ever heard of mamak stall selling Clyport "lou shu fun"? I felt suprise when I heard about it first time too! And no cheating, it taste good! I have ordered this most of the time when I visited Murni, and .. do try on their chili pasted too.. No regret!

My sis has asking me to "ta pao" for her dinner - Mee Utara.. Uhmm.. Made from Utara?? No idea man..

Some of you might never visit to Murni before, Thus, if you would like to heading towards and give it a try, it just located behind KFC, SS2, same roll as secret recipes. If you still have no idea where it is, just look at the place which have most crowded! And I believe you got the right palce.. ^_~


vkeong said...

Did the cleanliness improve? :P

JC @ Jessey said...

Hah.. Vkeong, thanks for dropping by! And you know.. The cleanliness there should be "clean"! I did saw big ratties run across there at night, but still.. crowded everynight.. =P

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