Monday, October 5, 2009

My Elephant Thai Restaurant @ Seksyen 17

Enjoying delicious and authentic Thai food with best friends at My Elephant restaurant, Seksyen 17. Believe most of you gets familiar with this restaurant as lots of floggers has blog for it. Nice ambience and delicious foods.. Enjoy.. =)

Some maganize for reading while waiting to be seated.

My Elephant special - from right to left - Pandan Cooler and KraChiap Cooler.. Can't remember the taste but Pandan Cooler.. yea, taste just like pandan.. lol

RM3 per drink..

Jasmine Rice + Brown Rice for table of 6..

This vegetable called as Khai Jiao - Egg Fong Yong with assorted vegetables.. RM12. Worth to try.

Recommended dish - Gaeng Phet Yaeng, roasted duck curry with seasonal fruit. RM30 for (S), RM50 (B)

Another good try, Gai Phad Grapow - Pan-fried minced chicken with thai holy basil. RM15

Tom Som with seafood, clear galangal-lemongrass-lime soup with aromatic thai herbs. This is My Elephant's restaurant recommended dish, however it taste too sour for me.. Guess not my favour..

Egg Omelette with Fish Otak Otak - RM10

Lastly, we ordered My Elephant Platter, it comes with Tod Man Plah, Popiah Tod, Golden Parcel, Prawn Wanton & Fresh Popiah. RM22.. However, it din't suprise me as it just a normal fried stuff for me, nothing special. =)

Dinner end up with RM160.60, it's worthy anyhow, I will definitely come back again.. Please always call for advance booking if you want to give it a try as the restaurant always full house, good buiness yea.. Visit their website for more info.

My Elephant Thai Restaurant

Reservation number: +6010-220 1283

Address: C-G-4 Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13
Section 17, Petaling Jaya
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