Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cameron Highlands - Day 2

Cameron Highlands :: Day 2

Day 2 - Early in the morning, there is another place which you can't missed out - Vegetable market! You can find all kind of vegetable here and it's cheap. Futhermore, you can try out their fried oyster mushroom, steamed potato, sweet corn at some stall here. Oh ya, you can buy some flowers to your love one or for yourself, cheaper price than everywhere.

Some of the stall sells 13packs for RM10, some 10packs for RM10.

After vegetable market walk, lunch time for us again. Since yesterday we have our lunch and dinner at Fong Lum restaurant and O.K. Tuck restaurant, today we decided to try out at "Wai Yat restaurant".

Restaurant owner recommended us to try on their Fresh Strawberry Juice. RM3.50

滑旦河, RM5

广府炒鸳鸯, RM5

香底米, RM5

泰式炒饭, RM6. From my point of view, it does not taste like thai fried rice, more over it just like fried rice with some chicken meat in soy sauce. However, compare with "Fong Lum" restaurant, "Wai Yat restaurant" definately more cheaper than that as we found out "Fong Lum" restaurant abit pricey.

Hey, look! Recognize one of the lady there?? Not clear? Scroll down..

It's her! Celebrity - Lee Xin Jie! We met her twice in our trip, what a coincidence. She is so gorgeous if you meet her in real.

I guess she been there with her family and her Director boy friend - The Pang brothers. (Guy who wear in blue)

Yea.. Tea farm, one of my favourite place.

JJCM members.. Say cheers!

Having a cup of tea with tea farm surrounding you is definitely awesome thing! Btw, there are few tea farm you could visit at Cemeron, this is one of the tea farm called "Cameron Bharat Plantations"

Strawberry cheese tart, again.. you can find strawberry everywhere..

On the way home, we stop by "Green View Garden" somewhere located at Kampung Raja which selling some strawberry made cake, ice cream, strudel, sandwich and etc etc..

Since we are out of town, so we decided to heading towards to Ipoh for our dinner. And the ever famous thing beside Ipoh Leng Lui should be?? - Ipoh Bean Sprouts Chicken (in Cantonese called as Nga Choi Kai) 芽菜鸡. Lots of people said don't go for "Lou Wong" restaurant because their "nga coi gai" won't be nicer than other restaurant, but I myself been there few times when I was study at Kampar and it's actually ok.

Anyway, me and my friends still decided to drop by "Onn Kee Restaurant" beside "Lou Wong". As expected at Sunday night, we need to wait for long queue to get a table.

There you go.. A plate of Chicken dish for 5 of us, it comes separately with bean sprouts and chicken. Their chicken taste good, soft and tender.

A side serving of bean sprouts that come separately with the chicken. If you would like to have bean sprouts which is shorter and fatter one, you can find it at "Lou Wong restaurant".

Ipoh Ho Fun, 怡保河粉

You can choose go with "ho fun" or rice, 油饭

Oh~! I can never missed out this one! Crispy Chicken Biscuit - 鸡仔饼, this is a must have for your friends or family sourvenior. I have bought 3 different packs of crispy chicken biscuit back to KL.

Another thing I have brought back to KL is this.. Crispy Oyster Mushroom which I bought at Green View Garden. It's something like snack food with Wasabi flavour.

This is how it looks like.

You can smell the Wasabi while your first bite however after few bites, it's tasteless.. Nothing special for me, I still prefer the Oyster Mushroom eat with steamboat style. lolz

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