Wednesday, November 26, 2008

桂林海鲜餐馆, Restoran Makanan Laut Kwai Lam

Yesterday night one of my friend brought me to Kwai Lam Seafood Restaurant eating my beloved crabs @ Kampung Baru Subang and I guess my calories in my body has break the new record again this month. lolx

I have been there since 3 years ago with my uncles and family, thus I still remember they are famous on Fried Chicken Wing, Ikan Bakar and Crabs. Hence, I would like to try again on these yummylicious foods!

Kwai Lam Seafood Restaurant located at Kampung Baru Subang, it's somewhere around Old Subang Airport.. Hmm.. Nope! Should be few kilometers away from Old Subang Airport,yea. It might take 10-15 minutes after passby the airport. p.s. (Tower - RM0.20/each)

Their own made Herbal Tea - Lemon + Lou Han Guo drink (RM2.50/each), a very good combination of drink and good for thirsty me. >.+"

There you go~! This is their famous Fried Chicken Wings (RM2/each), we ordered small portion on that night due to there is only 2 of us to share all the dishes.

Lou Shu Fun for 2 (RM5)

Tang~Tang~Tang~~ We have ordered "Nai Yau Crabs" on that night (RM35). At first when it served, I thought they have serve it wrongly as it looks like Salted Egg Crabs because there is no lotsa "Nai Yau" on the plate.

I guess I have finished almost 1 1/2 crabs by myself on that night and it's so delicious because the crabs got lotsa meat inside, It took long time for me to finish 1 1/2 crabs on that plate. =.+"

FYI: Minimum 2 crabs for each order.

Ikan Pari Bakar (RM13.50) I myself seldom order Ikan Bakar while I'm in KL because it's abit pricey. Anyway, if you don't like to try on Ikan Pari (Stingray, 蒲鱼), you may go for their "Ikan Tilapia - 非洲鱼", a good choice tho.

5, Jalan TUDM, Kampung Subang,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Phone: 03 7846 1095

Business Hour
Monday - Friday: 6pm - 1am
Saturday - Sunday: 5.30pm - 1am


Precious Pea said...

This used to be my favourite restaurant, before the airport moved away to ulu sepang..sniff sniff..time to revisit. Thanks for the reminder!

JC @ Jessey said...

Precious Pea: Yea, it's my revisit since 3 years ago too! Enjoy when u revisit!

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