Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Solaris Mont Kiara, a fine place where all the folk organizing their celebration, gathering or just a normal dining will do in this cozy and comfort environment, enjoying delicious food and atmosphere..

An event sent out by one of the colleague, the very first purpose is just makan outing within the team, however end up a farewell dinner as we got to know one of the colleague will be leaving the company after that day. Thus, wish him all the best here.. =)

Ole Ole Bali, a restaurant serving Balinese's food, you may also find their sister company at Sunway and Puchong as well. Another Ole Ole Bali restaurant located at New Sunway Piramid and Bumbu Bali restaurant at Bandar Puteri Punchong, lastly, Waterlily Cafe at Pusat Perdagangan IOI, Puchong.

Balinese feels decoration all around..

Eventhough everything sounds perfect, however something still make all of us unhappy.. As we have made reservation the day before earlier, table for 14, and we believe that Ole Ole Bali should make the arrangement to ensure that their customer can happily get their seat when they are arrived.

What happened is, when we arrrived, we found out that a group of poeple were sitting on our reserved place and insist not to leave, and their reserved place was at outside. The management can't do anything on this even we have made our complaint, end up we seated at 4 round tables, 14 of us?

I do hope that the management can do it better in future as they should understand what is the purpose of "reservation".. Customer satisfaction is pretty important to running the business..

Well, let's forget the incident and enjoy the great food with great people.. A jug of Barley Lime to cool us down - RM18

Guess this is a must order for all of the people who visit Ole Ole Bali? Ole Ole Trio @ RM38 comes with Satay lily, squids and chicken..

Squids taste pretty good as well as the satay lily. Hmm.. I'm hungry while staring on this picture.. lol

Additional order - 4 sticks of satay lily @ RM15.

Beef and Lamb @ RM38

Seafood platter @ RM32, served with a bowl of salad, a piece of watermelon, grilled dorry fillet, prawns, squids and fries..

Nasi Campur @ RM33 served with chicken, squids, prawns, satay lily, keropok, vege and rice..

Last but not least, a farewell little tart for our colleague, wish you all the best in new joined company.. =)

Ole Ole Bali
J-OG-15 & J-OG-16
Solaris Mont Kiara, 2-J.
Solaris KL.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tak Fok Crabby Meals

After serveral discussion, we have decided to go for crabby meals session as our ex-colleagues gathering aka makan outing.. Tak Fok Hong Kong Restaurant which located at Desa Aman Puri, Kepong has a pretty good business as their crab sells in a cheaper price which is RM20 per kg for Chessy crab and RM22 per kg for salted egg yolk crab.. They used to be even more cheaper sold at price of RM18 per kg before they getting famous and famous.

We arrived around 7pm and the restaurant has almost full house, no reservation is allowed in this restaurant, thus make it earlier if you don't wish to wait for an age.

Please bear in mind, there is a rule for Tak Fok restaurant, which if you wish to order 2kg of crabs you must order additional 3 dishes and if you order 3kg of crabs, additional of 4 dishes is a must, and so on.. Guess this is how they cover their crabs price.

My beloved seafood ~ crab! 1kg of cheesy crab, never enough for all of us! Waiting for buns to dip into the fantastic cheese and butter gravy.. =)

Another kg of Marmite Crabs, most of my ex-colleagues fall in love with this, they just can't stop to eating it..

And.. this is the superb Salted egg yolk crabs.. Tasty~tasty and tasty~..

A big plate of buns let you dip into the chesse and butter gravy.. Sounds great huh.. RM6 for 12 buns..

"Fu Yu" chicken - RM40

Coconut shrimps whereby they have only comes with 14 shrimps and there are 8 of us, thus we have ordered additional 2 shrimps for this dish. It cost us RM35.

As per displayed picture, coconut shrimps is a curry dish where they stuff all the prawns and some vege inside the coconut shell.

Vege - RM15

Tak Fok Signature's Fried Beancurd - RM25

I'm pretty satisfied for the dinner as I had a wonderful crabby meal, however I still think that it's too much to put such a rule whereby you need to order certain dishes to cover back their crab price.. The bill end up with RM207.50 including drink and service charge.

By the way, if you don't wish to come along to Kepong, they have another branch which located at Bandar Puteri Puchong, is another choice for Puchong resident.. =)

Tak Fok Hong Kong Restaurant

No. 2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3,
Desa Aman Puri, Kepong,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-6272 3346

Monday, September 7, 2009

San Francisco Steakhouse

My birthday celebration, nothing fancy, no romance scene, no big suprise, but sweetest celebration, as it is only both of us.. =)

Have suggested few places for dinner previously however due to some reasons, we have change the dinner venue to Tropicana City Mall, dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse and pick "The Taking of Pelham 123" as movie..

Lovely Häagen-Dazs Strawberry Milk Shake - RM14.90, slurppss.. I just LOVE Häagen-Dazs... ^^* Oh, not forget to mentioned, the other is Diet Coke - RM6.90.. Hehehe..

Complimentary bread with garlic.. Just wonder why it is from Santini??

Main course! There you go! My all time favourite.. Lamb Chop - RM33.90, the meat was tender and most importantly is, it don't have milky smell.. Thus, it should be acceptable for those poeple who don't like milky smell lamb chop..

Forest Mushroom Sauce - RM2.90. I just realise the sauce is not comes with the steaks but additional order.. Opps..

Strip Steak, a perfectly flavoured and fabulous charbroiled sirloin steak - RM45.90.. A medium-well-steak goes perfectly for sirloin steak.. However, it still depends on individual flavours..

Dinner was perfect, eventhough it's abit rushing, but always appreciate what you have now and I'm glad what I have now.. =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Broga Hill

In 2009, my special pre-birthday celebration was fall on Sunday, 2nd August. It was kinda fun and unforgettable birthday celebration as it was held at Broga Hill, Semenyih. One of the popular jungle trekking spot of the year..

Have gone through some of the blog and got to know that in order to catch sunrise at Broga Hill must be reach the peak before 5.30am. Thus, we have decided to wake up earlier to catch the beautiful sunrise. =)

We have start our journey from PJ to Semenyih at 4.30am where the sky is still dark and everyone is still enjoying their sweet dream. It took about 45minutes in order to arrived broga town... Well, it still depends which route you're using on, please scroll down to the bottom and refer to the location map for more understanding..

Arrived Broga town at 5.15am and start hikking at 5.30am, as the sky still dark and is our first time been to broga hill, thus we have follow a group of peoples to hike, to ensure that we're safe and not getting lost.. =P

It has took about 1 hour and 15minutes to reach the 4th check point, the last check point as well, as you can see, we probably has missed the sunrise.. too bad.. =(

7am at Broga Hill.. fresh air, comfortable wind, enjoyable place..

Hold the tight rope, let it help you to climb down from 4th check point..

Lovely muffin chocolate brought by Queenie and Elvin, far away from Kepong to Semenyih, from 1st check point - 4th check point, this is lovely! Thanks for the birthday muffin cake.. Appreciate..

Happy Birthday to myself!!! =)

Check this out! The way from 2nd check point to 3rd check point, there are actually 2 route whereby both will lead you to the same destination however, as you can see, left red-arrow will be more oblique than what you thought, so I would advise you to take the right red-arrow path to the 3rd check point.

We don't feel the danger of the road while trek at 5.30am as the sky still dark, not until the way we walk back from the hill..

Bear in mind, please bring torch light if you want to hike before the sky turn bright..

The starting point for hiking is the palm oil estate which is opposite side of Rabbit farm. You may just park your car at road side or a long the palm oil estate. Just follow the trail that will leads you to the peak. Howevere, if you're not familiar, always follow the group who has experience.

Click the map to enlarge

Few things you migh need to prepare if you are interested to hike Broga Hill:

1. Torchlight (If you plan to hike early in the morning)
2. Tower (You will gonna sweat a lot)
3. Extra T-shirt
4. Big bottle of water/Isotonic drink (I have brought a bottle of 100 plus)
5. Bread/Chocolate (In case you're hungry)
6. Camera (For photograhy lover and to catch the beauty of Broga Hill)
7. Insect repellent
8. Wear long pant (Mosquitoes feels hungry in Broga Hill)
9. Bring some medicine (In case you're not feeling well)
10. A good hiking shoes (I got my new hiking shoes as a birthday present from him.. ^^*)

And... enough sleep always... Enjoy... =)
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