Monday, November 10, 2008

Cameron Highlands - Day 1

Been to Cameron Highlands once again and this time was with JJCM members on 25-26th October 2008 for 2 days 1 night trip, it's abit late I post on blog because I need to collect all the picture before start blogging it.

We depart at 9am in the morning and met up my friends @ Kepong. Toll: Sg.Buloh - Simpang Pulai.

My lovely cow cow follow me to Cameron Highlands this time.. (The truth is.. My friend has kidnapped him to Cameron.. ^_~)

Our Breakfast McValue Meal bought from Kepong Drive-Thru - McD, Sausage McMuffin with Roast Coffee and Hash Browns. Charging our day!

After 2 hours journey, finally we have reached Simpang Pulai Toll, exit 137. For those who do not sure how to using new road to Cameron Highlands, here is some guideline for you. After exit at Simpang Pulai toll, turn right at the traffic light then turn right again at the next traffic light about 200 metres away. You are now on the way to Cameron Highlands and you will see signs to Kampung Raja or Cameron Highlands along the way. Don't be suprise or suspect if you see there are only mountain around you.

After about 1 hour, you will reach Kampung Raja junction where you have to turn right from the new road into Kampung Raja town and you are in Cameron Highlands. Just follow the main road to your destination, most likely Brinchang & Tanah Rata.

P.S.: Make sure you have at least half tank of fuel before you start your journey from the expressway exit due to another hour to go after exit at Simpang Pulai toll.

Look at the traffic at Cameron Highlands.. It's massive jam while public holiday so avoid to go Cameron Highlands on public holiday if you don't feel like stuck in jam all the way.

We have reached Brinchang after 3 hours journey and everybody feels hungry! It's time to cari cari makan for our lunch. We decided to stop by Brinchang and having our lunch at Fong Lum restaurant.

Hot & Sour vegetable soup..

I have forgotten what the dish called as.. Should be hot and spicy chicken cube.

It doesn't make sense if we having seafood at Cameron Highlands right? And it will cost bloody expensive if you order meat or seafoods. Thus, vegetable is a must had dish.

Catus Valley is one of the place to visit at Cameron Highlands. You need to pay for the ticket before visiting their catus or flowers and etc.

Close shot of one of the catus.

Yo! JJCM members here..

After doing some research, we have decided to go for dinner at O.K. Tuck restaurant. You can order rice and dishes or go for their steamboat in the cold night. Their steamboat is RM15 per pax and I think this is a good deal at Cameron.

A plate of Bihun and 5 eggs for 5 persons.

A plate of Chicken and Fish.

Vegetables as usual.

Half plate of prawns.

Half plate of fish ball.

Another plate of Bean curd and squid

There are 5 plates of variety for our steamboat. The portions are big and it's worthy.

We go for Tom Yam base and Clear soup base.

It's time to digest after dinner. I love their pasar malam walk, it's a must visit place in Cameron Highlands. At pasar malam, you can find lotsa fried stuff, fresh strawberry, vegetables, sweet corn and even D.I.Y. Ice cream at one of the stall.

Do-It-Yourself Ice Cream. There are few steps teaching you how to D.I.Y. your favour ice cream.

Choose your flavour.

Beside fresh strawberry, they sellings dried strawberry, dried tomato, dried bitter gourd, dried orange, dried blackcurrant and etc in a box.

This is one of my favourite, Strawberry KoKo Jelly, other flavour as Apple, Mango and Blackcurrent KoKo Jelly.

Fried Oyster Mushroom you can found it everywhere in Cameron Highlands.

We found a pretty at pasar malam selling all the fried stuff there. After walking and eating, we ta pao one box Fried Oyster Mushroom back for our supper.

Con't.. Day 2

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