Monday, January 19, 2009

Pun Choy @ Restaurant LYJ, Sg Buloh

After the day had "Sou Gong" 收工 dinner with all my SP team colleagues, it's time for our SRA makan gang having CNY reunion dinner again. As usual, every year before the CNY comes, we will have our advance reunion dinner together, it's kind of gathering as well. Thanks for Mandy for came out such a good idea of having "Pun Choy" 盆菜 this time, otherwise we will scratching our head where to have our reunion dinner?

We felt excited as we never try out "Pun Choy" before at the past of our life, hehz.. We only knew it when we watched on HK series and those old day time. Thus, we have made lotsa research before we come over. As known from most of the food blogger, Restaurant LYJ in Kampung Baru Sg. Buloh is famous in "Pun Choy" and you will need to book 1 day in advance for their "Pun Choy" and after all the discussion, we have made advance reservation for table of 10. FYI, their "Pun Choy" feeds 10-12 pax, thus make sure you have enough head count when you decided to give it a try, otherwise will be like us.. Overloaded! And it comes normal version (RM230) or delux version (RM480)

Getting to LYJ Restaurant will be a nightmare if you are not familiar in Sg. Buloh area as we were lost! The funniest things is we have drove to Kampung Baru Subang instead of Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh! And we gonna spent another 30-45minutes to reached LYJ, god blessed at last we still reached the place otherwise, I guess 4 of our friends gonna finish all the "Pun Choy" which feeds 10-12 pax. lolx

If you are following the sign board of Sg. Buloh, make sure you get into Kampung Baru Sg. Buloh and Jalan Welfare. When you are in Jalan Welfare which mean LYJ Restaurant is just around the area. Find the Jalan Perkhidmatan and you will get to LYJ Restaurant.. Or.. Ask the peoples around because they surely know the place.. LYJ Restaurant is just opposite side of SJK (C) Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, another landmark for you. =]

There are 2 LYJ Restaurant - 李雄记酒家 and it's all own by the same owner. We are having our "Pun Choy" at the corner restaurant.

阿贤人情味 & 香港“食神”梁文韬..

Before the "Pun Choy" been served, stove on the table and lots choices of sauces.. Colourful..

Some peanut before the dinner start, chili padi, hot chilli sauce, sweet sauce and lemon sauce..

My second "Lou Shang" before CNY. Big for RM38

Let's toss! Toss up to the top! The higher we toss, the more luck and prosperity we got!

My 2nd plate of "Lou Shang".. After "Lou Shang" and waiting one of our friend coming through after get lost for almost 2 hours, it's time to having our main course.. "Pun Choy"

It looks weird when the "Pun Choy" been served, as we have ordered Delux Pun Choy which comes with Abalone and Scallops.. But it looks like nomal version (RM230) instead of delux version (RM480). Where the hell is the Abalone and Scallops?? When we asked the person for confirmation only they realise they have served the wrong one.

We are glad that we have done lots of research before, otherwise we might eating normal version pun choy yet paying delux version of "Pun Choy"~

"Pun Choy" comes with a plate of vege.. To balance up as we will overloaded of meats..

Here you go! Our delux pun choy served in a stainless steel basin which comes with 2 large abalones, scallops, sharkfins' omelet, 12 large prawns, chicken, roasted duck, fish based, deep fried meat, broccolis and cauliflowers.

However, I didn't saw suckling pig on the bowl which I saw on the other blogs. Thus, I suspected they just top-up abalones, scallops and some delux version dish on previous normal version which they have missed served. If it's true, then we are not worthy for this delux pun choy.

Sharkfins' omelet on top with scallops..

2 large abalones and 12 big prawns..

They all can't wait for the moment!

Everyone was targeted on scallops and abalones..

My first plate of pun choy... ^^*

There are more on 2nd layer which was braised meat, chicken legs, mushrooms and many many more.. And it's all meats..

After stuffed all kinds of meat..meat.. and meats.. it's time to having some fruits... Sweet pineapples, watermelon and honeydew..

The bill end up RM531 for 9 of us.. And we were overloaded! No pun choy~ NO~~~~~

For more review on "Pun Choy", check this out!

Restaurant LYJ - 李雄记酒家
PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan, Kg Baru, 47000 Sungai Buloh.
Tel: 03-6140 2678
Operating hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 10pm. Closed on Monday nights and during CNY.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pantai Seafood Village @ Kampung Kayu Ara

Chinese New Year 2009 is just around the corner and as a tranditional of Chinese company, they will have "Sou Gong" 收工 dinner before the CNY coming. Although I'm not working in China man company, however we have most of the chinese in our team thus we still have our own 收工 dinner.

收工 dinner was held at Pantai Seafood Village - 水上人家 @ Kampung Kayu Ara. Pantai Seafood Village famous in all kind of seafoods suchs as Abalone, Sharkfins, Snow crabs and etc etc.. Just name it! Some pictures as following:

Snow crab, anyone??

I wonder does anyone ordering this? This is huge man..

As shown on the wet towel, they have 5 outlets around the KL, PJ and Ipoh areas..

Red wine sponsored by our generous gentleman..

My first "Lou Shang" - 捞生 before the CNY..

Small portion of 捞生.. Brings me lots of luck, happiness, health, wealth and prosperous!!!

Fried Taufu..

Marmite chicken..


Chicken in a bowl..

Asam sauce fish..

Salted egg york crabs.. My favourite!

And.. tasteless fruits...

At last, took a group photo before "Sau Gong!!!" I'm here to wish all of you sweet dream comes true, may this CNY brings you guys lots of lucks, happiness, health, wealth, opportunity, joy and prosperous ahead!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!! Gong Xi Fa Cai ~ 恭喜发财~ ^^*

Pantai Seafood Village - 水上人家

Address: Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka,
PJU 6A, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara,
47400, PJ
Telephone: 03- 77255099/77251099

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hatyai Trip - Part 2

Hatyai Trip - Part 2

Beautiful yet happening night in Hatyai.. You can see crowded everywhere along the streets and most of them were Malaysians or tourists from other countries. As Christmas just around the corner, thus you can see there was a beautiful Christmas tree infront of Lee Garden shopping center. Beloved white christmas~ Full of dream~ Full of happiness~

The Christmas tree and decorations is in between Lee Garden shopping center and Regency Hotel.

Sawadekap.. Spot the different? Different of Mr. McD in Malaysia and Thailand??

McDonald's shall be another enjoyable visiting place in Hatyai too.. Their menu is such a different from Malaysia. In Thailand, McDonald's serves the Samurai Pork Burger, flavored with teriyaki sauce, Jelly Trio Sundae cup and Taro Pie... Another "must" visit place!

Me and my sista, brother run to McDonald's and bought 2 Taro pie for dine-in, we bought another 2 back to hotel for our family..

They serves Pineapple pie, Corn pie and Taro Pie. The most special and most attractive me was -- Taro Pie (Because I won't go and try Peinapple pie which you can get in Malaysia ya?) How I wish I can try it again..

Oh ya, what so beautiful yet happening night in Hatyai? Look at the BIG prawn! You can find it in night market along the street which nearby Lee Garden too. Lotsa foods and lotsa attractive thing in night market.. Scroll down to get more pictures of foods!!!

Not sure what this called but I can see lots of customer is actually ordering this. We bought one pack too..

Some sweet kuih ba.. Not that delicious thou.. =P

Leng Lui selling fried stuff and their business is good! Foods was good too.. ^^

Small size sushi selling here!

"Bulat bulat" sushi?

One of the local specialties - Bamboo sticky rice, also called as "khao lam" in Thailand.

You can choose either black or white sticky bamboo rice..

She is enjoying the bamboo sticky rice..

We stop by again for Sotong Bakar..

Sauce for Sotong Bakar.. Yum Yum~

As I said.. 7-11 is one of the best place to shopping in Thailand.. Thus, we bought lotsa stuff back from 7-11.. Especially their drinks... ^_~

Limited Edition Pepsi-Cola..

Green Latte..

Look!!! Beauti Drink with Collagen ya?? Hehe.. We bought few bottles back, because of the design and .... It's Beauti Drink!!!

Next day morning, we went back to market again to buying some stuff which we have missed out yesterday and taking breakfast just opposite side of the market.

Honestly, their chicken, "char siew" and "lap cheong" rice is pretty good! I wonder why they put half boiled egg? Thai version?

Wan tan mee.. After breakfast, time for shopping and shopping again.. Food, bag, shoes, clothes, what's more?? Doll.. yea..

Look at all the doll that we bought back..

Big head doggie.. Anyone??

Another doggie, wear spectacle in action..
Eventhough this is just a Hatyai trip, however we spent more than what we expected.. In another word, we are "bankrupt"~ We got not enough Thai Baht to spent even in the first night at Hatyai and need to change more from our parents.. Haha.. So.. sometimes change more Thai Baht is better than less right?

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