Sunday, October 12, 2008

Restaurant Jin Xuan

It's a sleepless night yesterday, guess it's due to I have used to my 2 weeks night shift work. Thus, this morning I have woke up earlier even I'm off shift. Sis and sis's bf invited go for dim sum, and I'm happy to be mini spot lights! Here we go!

Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum located at Damansara Jaya, behind Atria Shopping Center, same roll as Maybank. This is their branch restaurant, their HQ located at Kuchai Lama but I never been there before.

Their business card, as for your information.

You may order their steamed dim sum, congee, steamed bao and steamed rice roll through here.

Pictures attached in menu for your better imagination.

迷你荷叶饭, Sticky rice lotus leaf

一级烧卖, Siu Mai

金牌香西饺, Sharkfin dumpling

顶好虾饺皇, Shrimp dumplings (har gaw)

原汁海鲜饺, Mixed eafood dumpling

Lots more choices here.. For fried stuff!

We din't even eat 30% of the dim sum here.. There are lots more choices there, guess one of the reason is I like to pick the dim sum from the basket when those waiter walking around and asking: want this? want that? More dim sum feel right? lolz

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