Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Car on fire!

It's Tuesday night, finally it's my day off after 6 days of night shift work, thus I shall appreciate it. After dinner, watching series yada yada, it's time for JJCM Members meeting to discuss about the accomodation for Cameron Highlands trip, which hotel? Chalet ok?

While chatting till 10.45pm, suddenly I heard my Taman security guard shoutting and blowed the whistle.. It's alert me and my sister, when I looked outside from the windows, I saw the guard keep blowed the whistle tried to alert us something. The first thing come out in my mind was - Thief!!! Gosh! Something wrong ne.. Due to my own safety, I monitoring for few minutes until one of my neighbour went out and check what's happenning then me and my sis went out check it out as well.

One of my neighbour told me something burns up infront there and ask us to move out the car. So I went in and wake my housemate up asking them to move their car who parked outside. At first I thought is someone's house burning or what, Till I walked nearby.. Oh no.. Someone's car is burning!!! LOOK!!!

Someone's car parked outside the Taman was fire, according to them it's a Hyundai car. Car owner? Unknown.. We all have no clue who is the car owner and the fire is actually burn at petrol tank side so it's going to explode anytime! Boom!!! Explode once when i stand there! OMG! *sweat* Will it explode till uncontrol?? Where is the fireman? They should come ASAP before it's too late..

Oh, pardon me.. I'm actually using my HTC Touch to took this picture so it's abit unclear ya.. ^^* Saw the lorry? And the kancil? If not mistaken it's belong to the house owner at corner side. They tried to called them couple of times but got no reponse.. Too bad, the lorry might gone together with the Hyundai, god bless them..

Finally, firemen is here and I would said.. They success to save half of the Hyundai car. Why said so? Because the first half was not damaged, so I guess the engine still can re-use. If you dare to!

Bye! Bye! Hyundai! After the fire, I saw lots of the people stand infront of the car.. Hmm.. What they looking for? I guess this is what people normally will do, the car plate number! lolz.. Hey, not me okay?

And, you know what? There is something I know long time but till now only I saw the truth. What a self fish city people! When the guard trying to alert all of us, but still lots of people don't care any shit happens outside and continue their dream.. What if the fire actually burning at your house? What if the thief actually hidding inside your house? Seems like most of the neighbour here don't care and not even step outside take a look. Shame on you all! This is the different between city and town.. Sadness..

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