Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Malacca Trip, part 2

After makan, time to take some walk to digest it so that we can eat more! Saturday night we shall visit Jonker street, jonker walk..

Beauty night scene @ Sungai Malacca..

All of us start walking from Mimosa hotel to Jonker street, it takes around 15 minutes time.. Lots of local people telling us to be careful on snatch thief, seems like lots of tourists been snatched.

Magic shake ice..
Feeling hungry after Jonker walk? It's makan time again.. This time we shall go for famous Satay celup in Malacca..

Suprise!!! Happy Birthday to M3!!!

Wow~ So sweet.. I'm celebrating my birthday in Malacca!

Day 2.. We wanna try this out @ Coconut House, however it only open at 1-2pm.. Too bad that we can't wait.. *sob* Anyway, we still need to have lunch before we heading back to KL. Thus, we decided to go for Nyonya Food.

Rice.. Nothing special.. It just rice...

Nyonya style chicken i guess.. I have forgotten the name.. ^0^

Salty vege - duck soup.

Sambal Sotong


Brown Sugar Cendol.. Too much of brown sugar, thus not my favo.. More prefer on penang road cendol..

Oh.. Time to heading back to KL.. Cici feels sad.. Bye~ Malacca..

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