Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kite Flying

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims, wishing you all have a wonderful Hari Raya and Happy Holiday..

Yeah, today is the first day of Raya and also public holiday for all the Malaysian, however there are always some exception ya. Who I pointed to? ~Me~ >.<" Just back from night shift work this morning, thus have no holiday for me as tomorrow night I need to work as well. So, I have to fully utilize my only off day in between of the week.

Received phone call from Elvin and QQ at noon inviting to Selayang Baru for Kite Flying, wow~ It has recall back my child's time, was playing kite in the garden beside my house. Sweet memory.. At 6pm, 3 of us have reached Selayang Baru with excited mood! Kite Flying! Kite Flying!

Look! There are dozen choices of kite at Selayang Baru Kite Field. Choose your favo, hmm.. Mermaid? Bee? Comic drawing kite?

Uncle is helping us to tied on the rope.. We spent RM15 for this kite and RM5 for extra rope.

JC with the rainbow kite.. ^^*

Sky full of kites..

Come on! Fly.. On your turbo! Fly as high as you can!

Finally.. You're flying on the sky..

Mission accomplished! How I wish I can fly like you..

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