Sunday, October 19, 2008

J's Pizza

J's Pizza! Made by Joveen & Jessey, so I called it as J's Pizza. Yesterday me and my sis went to Tesco intend to get some grocery and my sis said why don't make pizza for dinner? What a good idea cause it's been long time we din't make it. Alright, time to think what to buy, an ingredients for 3.

A pictures of our ingredients as following:

Plain Pita - RM4.29
Ayamas sausage - RM2.59
Kami Crab Stick - RM7.15
Gouda Cheese - RM2.29 x 3
Ayam Curry Tuna - RM3.99
Hot Chili Tuna Mayonnaise - RM3.99

Although it's an ingredients of 3, however we only use 1/4 of it excepted cheese (each gouda cheese for each pizza) Cheesy Cheesy~

Step 1: Starting from a plain pita..

Step 2: Putting up tomato sauce or chili sauce..

Step 3: Putting up hot chili tuna mayonnaise..

Step 4: Greedy us put lots of sausage and crab stick on top of plain pita.. Do remember to put some cheese in between of it, if you're cheese lover, you may put as much as you like..

Step 5: After putting all the sausages, crab stick and cheese, putting up hot chili tuna mayonnaise again.. and.. cheese... again..

This is how it look like before send into oven.. and of course, you can do it better than me.. ^^*

Step 6: Send our J's Pizza into oven~! Pizza: 10-13 minutes.. 10 minutes is actually good enough, just nice..

Finally! There you go! Our J's pizza is here!

I'm hungry! I'm hungry! My pizza with lots of sausages, crab stick and cheeses! We made 3 pizza for 3 persons, so I still left 2 more plain pita and a lot of ingredients in my house.. Might do it again for my lunch.. ^_~

So what are you waiting for? It's pretty simple, make it yourself! (Even it's a bit costly..) lolz

How much did we spent? RM28.88 for all the ingredients.. However, we still left one big pack of crab stick, sausage, 2 plain pita, 1 curry tuna, 1/2 hot chili tuna mayonnaise.. So it still worthy..


Carysse said...

Hey Hey... some of the sausages black color already wan ?? hahahaha.. one day i must try, never try before also.. haha ;)

JC @ Jessey said...

Oppss.. You found it! Haha.. Coz put in oven, so it's hard to control.. Next time I should use photoshop to edit it before posting the picuture.. :P

Carysse said...

Hahaha... use photoshop then not real already. Nvm, I dun mind the blacky thingy... so, when u wanna make for us? Why dun our outing at ur house then? U make JC pizza... =D

JC @ Jessey said...

Not a problem if everyone's happy.. lolz.. But first let's settle our next makan trip first.. Looking forward oh~

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