Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kuih Muih

What you mostly had for your tea time? Just coffee or tea or? Maybe one more choice for you if you feel like eating some popiah, fish ball, keropok, Ti Kuih (in Hokkien) or different kind of kuih.. This is located at SS2 just beside PELITA Nasi Kandar, everytime when I passed by can see lots of people is actually queuing up for their kuih..

She is taking part on selling kuih-muih..

She is busying on all the fried kuih..

You can get a bottle of "leong sui" here for this super duper hot day..

Different variety of kuih muih..

I bought some popiah, fish ball and one of my favourite when Chinese New Year celebration - Sticky Ti Kuih! Yummy Yummy~

Lovely Sticky Ti Kuih with sweet potato and yam.. Mostly we only can have this while CNY, now we can have this anytime! For me, I will always ask my mom fried only with sticky Ti Kuih, no sweet potato and yam.. It's so mouth watering..

Spring roll, also called it as popiah in Hokkien.. Popiah skin stuffed with cooked vegetables and meats, you can steamed it or fried it yet so delicious..

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