Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bavarian Bierhaus @ The Curve

Hi All, it's been awhile I didn't update anything in my blog although I have already uploaded all the photos. Kinda busy this days yet I can't just leave my blog aside, thus today would like to take out some space to updating it.

Believe most of the food blogger have been to Bavarian Bierhaus German Restaurant at The Curve. As most of you know German foods are famous on one thing: Pork~ Thus, while we were planning for one of JJCM's member birthday, we would like to take the apportunity to try out German food at Bavarian Bierhaus restaurant (non-halal).

Bavarian Bierhaus restaurant located just behind TGI Friday or The Apartment, it just few steps away from Big Apple Donuts and Eden. It's pretty easy to spot the restaurant.

Original Munich - 0.33ml RM21++, 0.5L RM27++, 1L RM53++, it's kinda special beer for me as I can feel there is some honey brewed together with the beer.

Wheat Beer Natural - 0.33ml RM21++, 0.5L RM27++, 1L RM53++, the naturally cloudy Paulaner beer is the number one best seller, it's smooth and nice to drink.

Frozen Ocean - a combination of apple juice, sour mix with soda. RM13.90

Pineapple Sunshine - combination of pineapple juice, orage juice, passion puree, sour mix with soda. RM13.90

Cheers with Paulaner~

This is a must try - Pork Knuckle, there are 3 flavour of pork knucker and we have go for Crispy Pork Knucker with smoked bacon & honey papper glaze served with sour cabbage and sauteed potatoes. RM55

The pork knuckler was huge and crispy with honey flavour. It's awesome meal of the night.

Take some sour cabbage to balance up your stomach after all the sinful meal..

You may put some mushroom sauce onto the pork knuckler, I suggest not to put the sauce as you already can feel the fantastic taste eventhough only eat with the crispy honey pork knucker.

Chorizo - Grilled italian sausages with creamed spinach, parsley - dill potato and crispy onion, it's been recommended by some of the food bloggers as well. RM39

Gordon Blue - Rolled up breaded pork escalope with turkey ham, cheese, streaky bacon, served with fries and cucumber salad. RM42

Gordon Blue stuffed rich of ham and cheese inside, it might not suite for the person who don't like on dry food without any sauce.

Barbeque Baby Pork Rib with dried plum barbeque sauce served with brussels sprout in beer and mash potato. This is one of the recommended meal by me as well, it really taste good for the baby pork rib. You should try it next time. RM56

I have ordered Bavarian favourite slice of Juicy Pork Roast on caraway served with potatoes and asparagus, it taste juicy for the pork roast and the meat was tender, another good meal of the night. RM46

Happy Birthday to the birthday girl - Christabelle~

May all your sweet dream come true sweet little girl, all the best ya!

We have spent RM398.85 for the bill at that night included 5% tax and 10% service charge and it's worthy to pay that much as we all are satisfy for the foods especially for Crispy Pork Knuckles. It's a good experience for me tho. =)


kennhyn said...

no honey in the beer, German law of purity only allow 4 things inside the beer, hops, water, malt and yeast. Is the combination of malt that sometimes create taste like honey, vanilla, banana... I have to said that u have a good taste palette.

but if u interested to buy Paulaner beer to keep in the house, then let me know because I'm selling... cheers!

JC @ Jessey said...

Wow.. taste like banana and vanilla? Sounds interesting.. Will try it when i got the chance.. I learn something new again.. =]

Little-queen said...

Who's the next one of JJCM members birthday? Let's get some and mabuk together.. Yahoo~

JC @ Jessey said...

Next one will be Weng Weng then It's my turn! Ten Wei is on June one! Let's go n mabuk together! yeah ~~

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