Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY '09 - Part 1

Happy Chinese New Year & 恭喜发财! It's been awhile I did not update anything here due to Chinese New Year. And I have back to Penang - Bukit Mertajam for a week for celebration too. CNY '09 seems not so fun compared to old time, it is due to people not care enough like old time or I have older year than year thus can't enjoy like kids time? However, CNY still an important day of mine.. I have enjoyed as much as I can during CNY and shared my joy here.. =]

Since I have started my career life till now, I'm always the one who going back on last minute and my sista always need to wait for me. Hehz.. So sorry ya sis! This year, as usual, we went back on Sunday, 25th Jan 2009 after my night shift off. Thus, we have started our journey around 10am in the morning. It's has took about 3 and half hours to reach our home sweet home.. ^^

My home sweet home.. Finally, I have back to the warmest place~

Mandarin orange, one of the imporatant character during CNY..

Eu Yan Sang - 余仁生 present from my 2nd sista bf's family.. Thanks for the present.. =]

Tang tang tang~ The most important present during CNY! My first ang pao from my lovely parents! Thanks to dad and mom, wishing both of you good HEALTH all the times!

And.. Steamboat? Know what, every CNY, we got to having steamboat since reunion dinner to Chu 3.. sweat.. sweat... The ever first thing I will recall during CNY, must be steamboat.. Having it at my house, my grandma side, uncle side, aunt side.. bla bla.. It's all about steamboat huh?

On 4th day of CNY, we have been invited by our uncle for dinner at Penang Island, 风味小食馆.. It's a rushing dinner during CNY because there are too many peoples out for dinner. Thus, our slot of dinner is from 6pm-8pm. After 8pm, they will serve for other customer.

Lou Shang again?? Yea.. My 3rd time of lou shang during CNY.. As Hokkien peoples said: Huat Cai ah!

I don't have menu on my hand as this dinner treat by my uncle. Thus, forgive for the description..

The whole package should be around RM500 per table according to my mom. The first dish will be Braised Shark’s Fin Soup .. ^^


Peking duck skin..

Crispy roast duck skin wrapped in the thin pancake..

First step: Put a thin pancake on your plate and crispy roasted duck skin too..

Second step: Put some sweet sauce on top of duck skin..

Wrapped it and you may put some sweet or chilli sauce again before start your first bite.. =P

With no wasted, the dish next to Peking duck will be the duck meat cook with mango slice.. It just different from normal duck meat, taste so good! I like the dish..


Rice?? My gosh~ With no suprise, after all the dishes, they will served a plate of rice and I bet no ones can finish it because we are too full~ Maybe all the restaurant should consider to change their menu right? Especially for wedding dinner, it's kinda waste if people can't finish it.

This is special dessert I would say.. Guess what is the cube stuff?? Answer is "Corn ice cream". It's kinda suprise when I saw this dessert been served, what a good idea tho.

Sweet sago soup with corn ice cream, just nice combination of dessert.. Yum yum~

Take a picture with our grandpa..
Our dinner finished up around 7.45pm and we have end of the 4th day of CNY...

Opps.. nonono.. I recalled it.. After dinner at Penang Island, we have heading back to Bukit Mertajam to visit our uncle's family as they have invited us for steamboat dinner.. OMG! Kidding me? Eat again? Of course not.. We just went there, drinking and chatting before end of the day.

To be continue... CNY '09 - Part 2

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