Monday, February 16, 2009

Banana Leaf Rice

Struggling the whole day and night and try to find out which place is suitable for your friend (Vegetarian) and most of your friends (Meatarian) having lunch? It's time to go for vegetarian meal yet still able to get some meats (Chicken, Mutton, Fish~) Banana Leaf Rice will be one of your choice.

As today, one of our lunch companion is vegetarian thus we decided to go for Banana Leaf Rice @ Restaurant Sri Grand City which nearby University Hospital.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, here are some tips for you. The direction shall start from SS2 roundabout while you're heading to UM (University Malaya) after the fly-over bridge and Jaya One. UM shall at left beside you and after awhile you will reach a traffic light while University Hospital just at your left hand side, make a right turn after traffic light and go straigh, you will found out one school (I have forgotten the name) at your left hand side.

After passed by the school, turn into left at 1st junction and go straigh away. You will found out few Indian restaurant at your right hand side and Restaurant Sri Grand City right beside you too. This is the corner shop and you can easily spot it as I guess this is one of the restaurant which have air-cond facilities.

A drink called Muhru ais (RM1.60), according to my friend, it's some yogurt drink mix with sour cream, onion, some kind of veggies, mixed around together. When you drink it, you can feel a little abit sour and onion smell.. Feel interested? Try it out next!

A normal version of banana leaf rice served with Crispy Keropok, Ladies' fingers, cucumber, vegetable and curry (Chicken, Fish or Dal). Some of the restaurant did provide Deep Fried bitter gourd and it's very nice if you ever try that. I like it..

2 kind of soup for your meal. For those who can't live without soup and also for you to clear up fat and cholesterol after the heavy meal.

Sambal Tofu, my friend has ordered this and not because of the tofu but the sambal.. Haha. This is special and ya, the sambal is good! (RM1.40)

I have ordered dry mutton because I love mutton so much! At first I have order curry mutton but it has out of stock thus decided to go for dry mutton and it taste good too! I can't feel the milky smell at all yet it's kinda spicy, so it's totally my favourite.. ^^* (RM6.00)

For those who have experince on banana leaf rice, should know the meaning of this after meal. Just a little tips for those who never try out banana leaf rice, while you finish your meal, please fold over your banana leaf either facing inward or outward.

(1) Facing inward (like display pic) - Means you are satisfy for their foods and will come again.
(2) Facing outward (the other way around) - Means you are not satisfy their foods and will never come agian.

I'm facing inward as this is the 2nd time I have visited their restaurant.. Definitely will come agian! =)

Oh ya, something which I can't really understand for the bill, I found out the bill stated:
2 B/Leaf NonVege -RM9.00 (RM4.50 each)
3 B/Leaf Vege - RM15.00 (RM5.00 each)

Any reason out there? 5 of us having banana leaf rice too and 3 of us have ordered 2 mutton and 1 tofu but other 2 friends just go for normal version of banana leaf rice, does they count like this? If in this way then should be 2 B/Leaf Vege and 3 B/Leaf NonVege right? *Scratching my head*..

Restaurant Sri Grand City (M) Sdn Bhd

Add: No. 51, Jalan Dato Mahmud,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Tel: 03-7957 3158

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