Monday, March 9, 2009

Restaurant Eng Meng dim sum

What's the first ever mission when I back to my lovely hometown, Penang - Bukit Mertajam? MAKAN! Yea! Dim Sum is one of the "makanan" in my list, in fact, everytime when we back to BM, my daddy will bring us to dim sum as breakfast. And this is one of the restaurant we been since we shifted to new place.

Restaurant Eng Meng located at Kampung Baru, BM. There are lots of choices for dim sum, steamed, fried or even mee (生虾面). We been there for ta pao as we need to heading towards to UUM in order to send some stuff to my younger brother who study in UUM.

Sharkfins' and porridge for your side dish? Or main course? Honestly, I never try sharkfins' at place of dim sum, wonder how's the taste?

Oh, this is nice.. Even is abit sweeter but no harm to try it once awhile right. =)

While my mom and sister keep choosing the dim sum, I have took the chances to take lots of pictures for my blog. Hehe.. One of the aunt who worked there has asked me: Are you a reporter? lolx.. Of course not, I'm just taking all the nice photo and upload it to my blog and promote your dim sum aunt.. Haha.. They are pretty nice and showing me which one is better and delicious so that I could take pictures of dim sum.. Thank you so much for your help.

Although I might disturb your daily work while taking picture, but as I promise I have uploaded on my blog.. ^^ I miss all the foods in BM and hope I can go back home sooner to enjoy all the foods again!


Little-queen said...

Yeah yeah, I been here before with my friend during past 2 years Penang trip if I'm not mistaken =P How come you no bring me here when I was with you in Penang trip =( Bad darling.. Don't want friend you liao..

Little-queen said...

Why never bring me there when I was in Penang with you?? Bad darling..

Luckily I'm been there with my friends during my past 2 years Penang trip.. Hahaha..

JC @ Jessey said...

lol.. Because that time I not even know this place also. I been there 2 times only and brough by my daddy after JJCM penang trip..

Next time lah, we plan 5 days 4 night penang trip and I promise we will go makan all the BM foods! I still need to bring u guys makan Mee goreng, Malay char keow teow, duck egg char keow teow and etc etc ler!!! ^0^

BM Girl said...

Yeah, their dim sum so nice. I often go to there. I also had a post about them. Have a look and leave your comment ^^

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