Thursday, February 5, 2009

CNY '09 - Part 2

Too many delicious foods in my list yet too less time I have, thus on Saturday, 31st Jan 2009, me and my sista brother step onto Island again to try out some of the famous yet truly from Penang foods!

Taman Emas restaurant, 金园茶餐食located just opposite of Penang Chinese Girls High School (槟华女子中学) Peng Hua Penang which famous on Laksa. If you are not fan of Laksa, you can try out Char Keow Teow and other foods too.

Fried pop piah, eating with Laksa..

A plate of Penang Char Keow Teow, this is delicous..

Here you go~ Penang Laksa eating together with pop piah, get one of the pop piah and putting in laksa soup then have a bite. Yum yum~ You should try that...

After Laksa at Taman Emas restauran, we were heading to Penang Road having famous cendol as dessert and I would said this is the best cendol in Penang. As people says, your trip in penang would be never complete without trying out penang road cendol, see the crowd?? Everyone comes for their cendol.

There are 2 stalls just opposite each other and it's pretty easy for you to differentiate which is the most famous cendol stall. Because their stall is always full of crowd and it's located beside Joo Hooi restaurant.

Or maybe you could recognize through the BOSS face.. =)

Cendol will be RM1.70 per bowl and RM1.90 for take away..

Penang road cendol is just nearby Komtar and Prangin Mall or opposite of Police station. If you are not familar of the place, you could just ask anyone around there and I believe they will point to the right place.

Beside of Cendol, which place is a must visit or else your trip in penang will never be complete? There will be - Batu Feringgi! A relaxing place of mine.. Beach is always my first choice of vacation spot.

We did not drove through Batu Feringgi, we just stopped in behind Crown prince hotel which is public beach for every visitors. Currently Crown prince hotel is under construction thus if you wanna park at housing area, bear in mind, there will be some people come along to you and collect for money. One of the bad culture for Malaysia and we need to paid for RM2 per car.

"Wilson! Wilson!" from... Cast Away??

My little cousin sista help me wrote my name on the beach..

If you were around Batu Feringgi, where should you go for dinner? Gurney drive? Ehem.. I will said Boring and expensive~ And it's for foreigner.. Special western food? yea, let's try it out!

I can't really tell you how to get there, but if you ask the person around Batu Feringgi or Penang area, they might know. It's located opposite Island Plaza and somewhere nearby "Tua Pui Loh" Chicken Rice - 大肥罗鸡饭 at Fettes Park. Their business hour start from 6pm.

Steak, Chicken Chop, Fish & Chips, Pork Chop, Lamb Chop, Mushroom Soup and etc etc.. Variety Choices of western foods.

Mushroom soup - RM2.50
Spicy Thai Chicken - RM7.50

Chicken Cordon Bleu - RM7.50

From first it looks like normal fried chicken chop, when you cut into half the secret has exposes as they have stuff lots of cheeses and ham into the chicken chop. Special tho.

Fish & Chips - RM6.50

Fried Egg & Sausages - RM5

Indiana Chicken - RM7.50 .. One of the special chicken chop too, special sauces with lots of onion.. Worth to try~

Barbeque Chicken - RM7.50

My last day of Penang trip before heading back to KL and I'm kinda satisfy for this trip as eaten as much as I can and enjoy with my lovely family as well.

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the cendol really delicious , i went b4 with frens

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