Friday, February 13, 2009

Chap Goh Meh Mandarin Oranges Tossing Session

The 15th day of the Chinese Lunar Year is the last day of CNY. We also called it as Chap Goh Meh, traslated from Hokkien dialect as " The 15th night". Beside, it's also known as Chinese Valentine Day!

As the 15th day of CNY, there is some special event at Amcorp Mall, Cheras and any other places like Penang Island. They will having Mandarin Oranges tossing session open for all the singles, as traditional girl will be throwing mandarin oranges and guy will be the one who picking all the mandarin oranges from girls. As I never join this event before, thus me and my colleagues decided to heading to Amcorp Mall and have a look after work.

One of the speciality for this event is girl will be writing their name and contact number on the mandarin orange and while guy picking up the orange, their will choose to sms the girl or call up the girl. The purpose they doing this is just to make more friends instead of really find the other half in their life. People just make it for fun! And now, even guy can choose to throw apple or bananas to the lake in order to find their other half. Kinda interesting huh.

We reached Amcorp Mall around 9pm and there's full of cars and peoples. Everyone seems excited on this event and not even singles joining, I even saw couples and daddy comes with his small kid.. Err.. Daddy wanna pick the oranges or helping his small kid picking the oranges? lolx

15th night and full moon up to the sky..

Throwing Mandarin Orange session start after the speech and everybody threw their oranges from far far away to the lake! Can you see one of the mandarin orange been thrown by unknown single?

And guy shall be the one who pick up all the mandarin orange, look at this guy, gotcha!

And more and more mandarin oranges he got~

012-xxxxxxx One of my colleague help me to write down my name and phone number before throwing the orange to the lake.. >.+" Let's see whether it works or not..

If you are not interested in throwing and picking up mandarin oranges, there are some performance on the stage there as people singing and dancing on the stage.

We leave there after 1-2 hours time and I found out this! Someone has picked a bag of mandarin oranges with all the contact.. Guess he must be very busy coming the day as he will calling or sms-ing all the contact there.. Haha..

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yloon said...

wow... really got these ppl to pick oranges with numbers.

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