Sunday, June 28, 2009

Khuntai Restaurant

Can't resist of taking Thai food even just back from Bangkok trip? Well, there is a place to satisfy your stomach -- Khuntai Restaurant @ Off Jalan Gasing. There are 2 branches of Khuntai Restaurant which is located at Penang - Butterworth and PJ - Jalan Gasing.

Cracking my head where to had my makan makan trip dinner with my colleagues previously, came out with few ideas and finally decided to try out this as I have been to this place 2 times and kinda satisfy their Tom yam soup. So, there you go~

Khuntai restaurant @ Off Jalan Gasing

There are 14 of us join for this dinner, thus we have go for their special set 2 which only RM238, 10 dishes with unlimited refil of rice and one jar of Umbra Juice.

Thai's appetizer - Miangkam, come with cilantro leaves and a cup of honey and of course, some other ingredients.

Clock wise, start from the onion, roasted peanuts, dried shrimp, roasted unsweetened shredded coconut, ginger, lime and Thai chillies..

Way to eat: wrapped it and filling with all the ingredients with some honey.. at last.. chew it! It makes a great party food!

Warning: Do not put too much of Thai's chillies if you can't take spicy.. lolz

Unlimited refil white rice..

Main dish~ Tom yam seafood.. It's so tempting, I like it so much.. a must try dish..

Yam Kungfu, it's look like Thai's salad.. fried fish with some top up onion and peanut..

Thai style assam prawn..

Pandan leaves chicken..

Kapal taufu..

Thai style steamed fish..Err.. Can't really see the fish right? haha..

Petai with shrimp.. I'm sorry, I didn't eat petai so no comment.. =)

Thai fried rice..

Thai vege Pak Liang.. I don't think we can find this vege in Malaysia??

The above 10 dishes represent the special set 2, RM238. Beside, we have ordered additional 3 more dishes, vege is one of it.. Erm.. Nothing special, it just a vege ya..

Thai style steamed clams..

Thai style chicken feet..

There you go~ One of our table which filled up full of dishes.. The dinner end up around RM371 for 14 of us.. which mean around RM26.50 per person, I think it's reasonable.. What you think?

Map attached above is the branch of Jalan Gasing, for more details, you may check it out on their website:

Khuntai Restaurant

6 Jalan 5/44
Petaling Garden
Off Jalan Gasing
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 – 7781 7523


Anne Saw said...

Hey Jessey..

I tried it out last week, but not so satisfy on the Tom Yam soup leh..

It's sweet.. not spicy and sour enough.. :(

I more prefer the Pandan chicken, the Vege and Prawn jelly..

Overall it's quite nice, thanks for sharing.. :)

JC @ Jessey said...

Anne: The Tom yam soup abit sweet yea? Hehe.. But overall their food is still nice right.. So which thai restaurant you prefer? Introduce to me so that I can try it next time! =)

Carysse said...

I want the tomyam and steam fish!!!! When you wanna bring me there... hehe.

JC @ Jessey said...

Carysse: Next next outing after Crab Crab Crab??? Let's plan it!

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