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Bangkok - The Land Of Smiles, Day 3

Time flies.. Blink blink my eyes, it's my 3rd day in Bangkok now. As usual, we were woke up at 5.30am in the morning for our half day tour - a trip to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. We have bought half day tour package from Lamphu Guesthouse, unfortuately I have forgotten how much for our half day tour package because we got a special discount rate for it! =P

Anyhow, just to let you all know the standard price for Damnoen Saduak Floating Market half day tour will be around 250baht, including transport and speed boat sending. When you arrived there, you will need to pay another 100-150baht for the paddle boat service and someone will take you for a ride. Else, you can just walk on the passage along the canal.. It's up to you..

Speed boat were sending us to the destination..

Here we are... Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Gosh, another freaking hot day! We have paid 100baht/pax for a ride..

You can see peoples are sellings souvenir, fruits, foods and even this.. A photo with big snake!

Thai style bihun, 20baht/bowl.. It taste good my friend, you should try this!

Some Thai style crispy pancake.. 20baht for small one.. We have spent sometimes to walk around the area and look for some souvenir before we heading back to Lamphu area.

The Grand Palace.. We have dropped by to The Grand Palace after Floating market half day tour and it's around 1.30pm afternoon? Can you imagine how sunny it is? There are lots of peoples heading to Grand Palace on that day due to it's Wesak day.

Warning!!! Prohibited Outfit! Do not wear short pant, singlet to The Grand Palace.. They will not allowed you to get in there! And we.. 7 of us has failed to get into the place because we are not following the rules. Thus, we will need to rent the costume from the office, 100baht for each item.

Look! This is how we looks like after wearing their costume. I feel like I'm back to secondary school! A great experience for us tho. =)

The outside view of The Grand Palace..

Lunch time lunch time!!! McD will be our choice because we wanna try out their pork burger! We have took tuk tuk to the destination which is nearby Grand Palace. 60baht/tuk tuk. Remember to negotiate the rate because you always can get a lower price than what they ask for.

Yummylicious pork burger I had in McD.. This is what we can't get in Malaysia.. Hehe.. 89baht/pork burger. 633 baht/7 pax at McThai..

It's time to say goodbye to Lamphu Guesthouse before heading to City.. We got a very helpful owner/staff (i'm not too sure) to help us on this. A direction to HQ Hostel..

Last but not least, we have wrote something for Lamphu Guesthouse.. JJCM's are here! We have a wonderful time in Lamphu Guesthouse, will definitely come back one day.. =)

A group photo with the helpful (Owner/Staff)?? Ehem..

Alright, we have moved to HQ Hostel which is just beside the Bangkok bank, Silom Road in the city.. And we felt so excited! Because is another wonderful place for backpacker!

Check this all out! Is just so relax and cozy..

More information:

Shared bathroom..

No worries guys, the bathroom is pretty clean..

The crew! As there are 7 of us, thus we have stayed at Room Type E: 8 bunk beds with air-condition.. For those peoples who have smaller groups and would like to stay at HQ Hostel, no worries for the privacy as they have room type which is from 4 bunk beds to 10 bunk beds and even a queen side bed for 2 peoples!

Time for dinner before heading to Patpong night market area.. We have chosen a road side stall for our dinner and I have claimed that this is the best dinner I had within these 4 days trip.. A very lovely owner say hello when I snap a picture of him..

BBQ chicken, fish..

The owner has recommended us the Hotpot for dinner.. Some dishes for hotpot..

A part of the dishes for hotpot..

This is what hotpot looks like, worth to try.. At least I like it..

Tom yam seafood guys! Listen, with no lie.. This is one of the best tom yam I had in my BKK trip.. You must try this out! Is so yummylicious.. I miss it so much..

Thai fried rice.. We had 2 plate of it..

Dinner end up with 750baht/7 pax.. It's pretty worthy.. I will come back again if I have a chance..

Patpong night market.. How shall I descript this place? Hmm.. Is somewhere like "Petaling street" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Sort of if you all agreed.. However, there is something petaling street don't have which is "Thai girl show" along Patpong night market.. Sounds interesting? I don't know, because I found out the Thai girl show in Patpong area is just so different from Pattaya and Hatyai.. Thus, we just passby the area.. =P

However, I found this in Patpong night market! Naraya shop!!! Wee.. Finally I found it, Naraya! My sisters and my favourite bag.. One of the mission I'm here is to shop and buy the Naraya bag.. So, gentleman.. Pardon me.. I need to get in and shop for the bag!!!

Naraya bag.. Also called as 曼谷包, originally from Bangkok, Thailand.. I wonder why there is no branches in Malaysia.. What a waste...

Our last night foot massage at Paradis day spa, Silom Road..

250baht/hour - foot massage.. I don't feel comfortable to post my foot massage picture here, thus let's the chair replacing it.. Hahah.. Sorry guys... =P

After foot massage, we shall call it a day too.. Good night Bangkok...

Next attractions:
- Chatuchak Weekend Market
- Shoping time!
- Good Bye Bangkok, Thailand

To be continue..

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