Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bangkok - Good Bye! The Land Of Smiles..

Time flies.. It's our last day trip in Bangkok, and also the most rushing day within these 4 days.. Today, we going to experience BTS Sky Train in Bangkok, our way to famous weekend market - Chatuchak..

BTS Sky Train operation hours is from 0600 - 2400 daily. I found out Bangkok sky train is kinda systematic, at least compare to our own country. Due to they have free map provided to all the tourist, is so convenience for all of us. Eventhought when the train arrived each station, the LCD screen did show you which door is going to open so that you can get ready and won't get panic. This is very impressive.

BTS Sky Train separate in two line which you can recognize in light green and dark green colour, also called as Sukhumvit Line and Silom Line. Which mean I need to transit if I wanna go to Chatuchak weekend market. My route: From Sala Daeng - Siam (20baht) transit -> from Siam - Mo Chit (35baht)

Superb HOT day in Chatuchak weekend market! A big cup of mixed fruit juice will help.. =D

Can you see that? Very special isn't it? hehe..

We picked one of the mixed fruit juice with price of erm.. 60baht? Opps, forgotten..

With no kidding, you might need to take 1 whole day for Chatuchak weekend market. It's a huge area with over 15,000 stalls and more than 200,000 visitors every Saturday and Sunday. You might get lost too..

I can't resist to brought back one of the creative home made clock back to home from here, it's so attractive me..

Look at that, creative right? This is why people always said designer is everywhere in Bangkok..

We only spent 2 hours in Chatuchak area due to tight schedule, what a waste.

Well, guess what for our lunch?? Finger licking good! KFC..

Recommended by me, KFC Roasted burger.. Yummy..

Welcome to The Largest Lifestyle Shopping Complex : Central World~

This stall is located on every BTS Sky train station.

Drink drink drink! Give me more cold drink!

Time flies.. We are in the airport now waiting for the flight to send us back to Malaysia, how I wish I can stay longer..

With my souvenir - little lee... ^^

Okie, when you see the menu, what's in your mind now?? Black Canyon Coffee?? I tell you what, in my mind is dinner! Our last dinner in Bangkok.. Sounds sad.. hmm..

Ice Chocolate (75baht) and Chocolate Frappe (80baht)..

From left to right: Thai Ice Tea (65baht), Fresh Orange Juice (75baht), Watermelon on Smoothy (75baht)

Noodle in Tom Yam soup - 140baht, one of the thick and spicy tom yam I had in Bangkok..

American fried rice - 140baht

Crispy chicken with black papper sauce - 110baht

Yentafo with Pasta - 125baht, their special but I donno how to describe this.. The taste is somekind like "fu yu"..

Prawn green curry with rice - 130baht

Roasted Duck in Red Curry with rice - 110baht

The dinner cost 1265baht with 10% service charge and 7% government charge.

Tax free area..

Here end with my 4 days 3 night Bangkok trip.. A wonderful yet unforgettable trip.. =)


Anne Saw said...


Yeah.. the train system is bangkok is much more better than KL one...and quite convenient too..

my last visit missed out chatuchak market, coz it's only operate at weekend rite? Must go again!!!

JC @ Jessey said...

Yeah yeah.. Their Sky Train is so convenient compare to our own train system.

Chatuchak weekend market only open on Saturday n Sunday, a must visit place.. A lot of stuff and very huge area, I can't even finish 1/4... Haha..

Mandy --blurQueen-- said...

hmm...i wondering what is the little lee? you bought from chatuchak or central world one?

JC @ Jessey said...

The little lee is the creative clock which bought from Chatuchak.. I have bought 2 clocks.. 1 is from Patpong area and another in Chatuchak.. Haha.. Crazy right?

Elvin said...

You did not paid me for the modelling fees..I will sue you unless you made payment within 21 days..

JC @ Jessey said...

Which modelling pose? Infront of the drink stall? Okok, owe you a meal.. Can?

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