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Bangkok - The Land Of Smiles, Day 1

A simple 4 days 3 nights trip to Bangkok - Thailand, has gathered a group of buddies back together in the city. Although this is not as perfect as it can be along the journey, but I'm still enjoying the trip in Bangkok, simply because I have sweet escape from my busy workload and we are back together again! My buddies...

The travel review has separated in 4 parts which is represent my 4 days trip. And today, I will try my best to write on my day 1 trip. Not forget to mentioned, I almost declared bankruptcy after back from Bangkok, I spent too much!!!!

I have changed RM1.5k for backup plan purpose, it's always more better than less right? Currency rate RM1 = 9.6baht.

Our flight depart at 10.40am MYT, 6th May 2009. Thus, breakfast took at McD while waiting on board.. My big breakfast with a cup of coffee!

Doremon pan cake??

FD 3572, Bangkok..

2 forms you need to fill up before landed which is Immigration form and one of the questionnaire from International Communicable Disease Control Office.

Just a little tips for you all, if you are backpack trip just like us. You may go to Entrance 4 (Level 4) to get a taxi to your destination, if you're getting taxi at level 2, there might be some extra charges needed.

Since there are 7 of us in the trip, thus we have took van from air-port to Lamphu area, approximately 45 minutes journey, 900baht/van. Remember to negotiate with the taxi driver to get a better price.

This is the taxi/mini bus service agent, Satja who approached us when we arrived air-port, if you have a gang of peoples and need a van bring you to destination or Pattaya, you may call his contact number as above displayed.

Sawadeka~ We are here, Thailand..

A local phone number is important for a backpacker for contact purpose, thus we have bought a SIM pack from True move at 49baht and 150baht top up. That's our number in Bangkok.. and it's been void now.. =P

Here we are! Lamphu Guesthouse, an idle guesthouse for all the backpackers, strongly recommended by most of the backpackers and me as well. Simply because Lamphu Guesthouse provide a clean, cozy, quiet, private, comfortable place to all the backpakers. I have a great time here.

Garden view of Lamphu Guesthouse.

For more information about Lamphu Guesthouse, visit their website: The exact location should be in Soi Rambutri road, and it just beside the 7-11 and currency exchange.

Apart of Lamphu GH..

A/C Superior twin room with extra bed, 900baht/night. 900baht/3 = RM30/pax with private bath room and balcony area, isn't worthy?

We have spent 3 days 2 nights in Lamphu Guesthouse before we moved on to the city, and this is the day, noon and evening at Soi Rambutri road.

1st day mission in BKK is to explore the culture of Thailand, thus we just walk around and hunt for our first lunch in BKK. There you go~ Valla Cha Cha, the road side stall.

Seafood Seafood, Tom Yam Tom Yam.. All in our mind now..

Beer in Thailand is pretty cheap, hence you can see people is actually drinking beer all the time, no matter day or night. Beer Chang is one of it, it only cost 35baht/small, 45baht/large. How about soft drink? 10baht/bottle. Wasn't cheap? lol

However, Beer might be slightly expensive at other places such as restaurant or some hot spot area, bear in mind.

Tom Yam noodle with pork/chicken/shrimp/squid, 30-40-50baht.

Fried mama noodle with hot & spicy taste with pork/chicken/shrimp/squid, 30-40-50baht.

Fried pork/chicken/shrimp/squid/fish with red papper on rice, 30-50baht.

Fried rice with red papper with pork/chicken/shrimp/squid/fish, 30-50baht.

Fried rice with pork/chicken/shrimp/squid, 30-50baht. Our lunch have cost 430baht/7 pax

It's a super hot season on May, all of us enjoy the foods with lots of sweat.. And we still found this. He is selling steamed peanuts on this hot day.. Wonder if there is any business? And I believe a scope of ice cream might save us.. =)

Yeah! Here it comes! Thailand's ice cream, yum yum.. 2 scopes of ice cream with coconut milk and some topping, what a wonderful dessert.. 15baht/cup.

We have decided to walk around Lamphu area and Chao Praya River will be our first destination. It might took approximately 20 minutes from Soi Rambutri road. We are not pretty sure how to get there, thus we have took tuk tuk to Chao Praya River and cost about 50baht/tuk tuk.

We found this! Some peoples are playing acrobatics at the parks, they might be some performers i guess..

No smoking/no alcohol sign is everywhere in Bangkok. Thus, you will hardly see Thai peoples smoking.. Malaysia should implement the same right?

Along the Lamphu area..

Hey, look! The puppy is just like a babe, his/her master hang it and took it for a ride.

RM Guest House.. Might opened by Malaysian? Or opened for Malaysian? Or just for fun?

Thai coffee.. A must try! They put a lot of milk in the coffee and taste really good.

Thai coffee, 15baht

Check this out! Is a boil eggs sells at the road side, and it filled with some black papper in the egg and boil it. Nothing special but could be one of the snack for Thai peoples.. =)

We are hungry! Thus, we having our first dinner at O! Hungry!

Fresh coconut, 45baht.

Tom Yam Gong, 130baht.. I failed to take picture on the day dinner because I went out for some stuff, when back, my friends have finished their dinner.. Too bad..

It's time for massage! We tried on foot massage at first day, 1/2 hour = 100baht.

We will come back again by tomorrow night for oil massage.. ^^

Thai's sausages? I didn't try on this because it's time for me to sleep and I need to wake up 5.30am in the morning for my 1 day tour.. Good night my friends.. =)

Next attractions:
- Kanchanaburi War Cemetery
- War Museum at the Bridge
- The Bridge on the River Kwai
- Death Railway
- Elephant Riding
- Bamboo Rafting

To be continue..


Anne Saw said...

I miss Bangkok!! It;s a nice place for food, shopping and getting around.. Yea, I came back with empty pocket as well..

Carysse said...

wah.. the tomyam, make my saliva dripping and dripping la.... looks so delicious but spicy! Haha...I wanna go too...

JC @ Jessey said...

Anne: Yea, I miss Bangkok too! It's an awesome trip for me, will go back again if have chance..

Carysse: Hahhaa.. You know what, I have took 4 days Thai food and the most delicious dishes I took will be the last day dinner, the tomyam and hotpot was superb!

It's located at Patpong area, road side stall.. Yum yum...

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