Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bangkok - The Land Of Smiles, Day 2

Get ready at 7am in the morning and walk through the quiet street with the fresh air, it's so wonderful.. Yes, we are ready for 1 day tour! Bought the package from one of the local tour outside Lamphu Guesthouse with 530baht/pax, including lunch.

We have heading to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery after 7.30am while picked up all the tourist at different guest house. It took approximately 2 hours to reached the destination from Lamphu area.

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery known as Don-Rak War Cemetery. It is located opposite Kanchanaburi's Railway Station on Saengchootoe Road. It contains the remains of 6,982 Australian, Dutch and British war prisoners who lost their lives during the construction of the Death Railway.

Sometimes you can even found their relatives has been here for visiting too.

We have stayed around 20 minutes before heading towards War Museum.

The outside view of War Museum, if you would like to get into museum and explore the stories about World War II, there is an admission fees needed. Else, you may just hang around outside and take some pictures. We didn't pay for a visit at museum, thus some pictures took at outside will do.

This is the train while Japanese used for the transportation to send all the necessary stuff to Indian - Burma.

The Bridge on the River Kwai, another story of World War II.

The black iron bridge was brought from Java by the Japanese supervision by Allied prisoner-of-war labour as part of the Death Raiway linking Thailand with Burma. Still in use today, the bridge was the target of frequent Allied bombing raids during World War II and was rebuild after war ended.

A walk down memory lane..

Next station: Thakilen raiway station..

We have ready to experienced the journey of Death Railway.

Please bear in mind, the local tour package does not including the train ticket, hence you will need to pay extra money to experience the journey. Normal ticket: 100baht, VIP ticket: 150baht.

We bought VIP ticket at 150baht which including Soft drink, snack and certificate of death railway.

Some history in behind..

Train is coming! Train is coming!!! Let's go~

Hey guys! Just to let you all know, VIP cabin is not an air-condition cabin ok? Is just a cabin which to ensure the foreigner have their seat and serve with snacks and drinks on the journey..

Some scenery along the journey.

Soft drink and cake.. Anyone?

Certificate of The Death Railway Bridge. The Momorial of the World War II.

Wee.. Long waited lunch is here!

Thai's fried eggs.. I like this dish.. But not sure how they cook it.. =P

Elephant trekking! This elephant was huge! Is about 25 years old our age, a male elephant.

Is about 15-20 minutes for the elephant riding, a good experience tho.

Bamboo rafting..

Enjoy the adventure of bamboo rafting along the river kwai.. and with this super duper HOT day!!! *sweating*

We are the members of JJCM! It has took about 30-45minutes of the bamboo rafting before heading back to Lamphu area and we did enjoyed a lot on the journey as well as the sweat.. lolx

Padthai, our the night dinner. You can find this stall along the road and night market as well.. Menu as Padthai with chicken, Padthai with pork, with eggs and etc etc.. Price from 25baht - 35baht.

It just like "char keow teow" in Malaysia? But it's just too salty for the Padthai, she has put too much of salts on that night.. I can't even finish it.. =(

We have decided to go for fruit shake after the salty dinner.. Look at all the fruits.. you just name it!

Wow.. I felt freshed!

This is the stall sells of alcohol drink.. You can find it everywhere along the road, peoples just sitting there and enjoy a couple of drinks with their buddies.. Nice one huh?

Night market nearby our area.. This is the area where all the pubs located at too..

And this, yes.. We are going for temporary tattoo.. Just for fun yea~ It can last for 2 weeks time..

Da lang~ That's mine! I have forgotten how much I paid for this.. Hmm.. About 250baht? The price might different compared with the size.

This is the Thai's night life at the other side of night market.. This is the area where most of the Thai's peoples gather together and enjoy a couples of drinks with their friends..

Some performance..

Soi Rambuttri road.. In case some of you would like to stay at Lamphu Guesthouse or pay a visit to these area, Soi Rambuttri road is where the Lamphu GH located at.. Nevertheless, we have went for oil massage before we hit on the bed and call it a day! 250baht/hour. Wow! I just like thai massage..

Next attractions:
- Floating Market
- Grand Palace
- City Tour
- Patpong Area

To be continue..

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