Monday, April 13, 2009

Sushi Zanmai

Today went to Mid Valley shoppig with my friend, thus we decided to lunch at The Garden and Sushi Zanmai is the day choice. Sushi Zanmai is under the group of SuperSushi and beside of Sushi Zanmai, there are different outlet such as Sushi Zen and Pasta Zanmai. Check this website out for more information:

Outlet of Sushi Zanmai @ The Garden

We have been arranged to a small room which is suite for pax of 2. It's kinda private place for couple or friend who would like to have nice chat yet enjoyable.

Ocha - RM2

Sukiyaki, a set of sliced beef, beancurd and vegetable cooked with soy-based soup. My friend has ordered this and she has satisfied with her meal as it's kinda filling and full. Unfortunately, I can't take beef, thus enjoy, my friend! RM15.80

Yum.. yum.. Unadon for me..
(S) RM15.80 (L) RM26.80

How can our meal consider complete without Chuka lidako? Seasoned baby octopus of RM6 per plate.

We are getting more greedy and greedy when go through their menu list. lolz 3 more sushi on the table.. Start from the left to right - Salmon Ikura RM4.80, Chuka Chinmi RM3.80, Tsubu Kimuchi RM3.80.

The bill end up with RM60.25 for 2 of us, plus 10% service charge, 5% gov tax and 2 wet tissue for RM0.40 each.


T-217, Third Floor, The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.

TEL 03 - 2282 1160
FAX 03 - 2282 3160
MOBILE 012 - 702 1160

10.00 am - 10.00 pm

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