Sunday, April 5, 2009

SkyBar @ Traders Hotel

I can't remember it's been how long I do not have my own Saturday night.. It's been 3 months long? Maybe.. or maybe more.. It's due to my shift pattern and I have to work until Sartuday night or sometimes Sunday morning. Finally, thanks to Mandy, one of my makan gang. She has came out such a good idea for outing at Saturday night. Wonderful SkyBar night @ Traders hotel. And I have decided to applied 3 hours FTO in order to join the outing.

Traders Hotel located just beside KLCC Convention Center, it's easy to find the place if you are famliar enough of KL area. Please press 33 floor to Skybar.. =p

There is a big pool in the middle of Skybar..

Nice and cozy place.. This is awesome!

SkyBar @ Traders Hotel

Opening hours: 11 am till 1 am and until 3 am on Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays

Dress code: casual, no shorts, singlets or Slippers


Anonymous said...

Wow, Thanks so much for your great review of Sky Bar. Your photos are really nice too, very professional. We are so glad that you had a good time. Let us know when you will drop in again.

Sky Bar manager

P.S. Dresscode - no shorts, singlets or Slippers, Open from 11 a.m. till 1 am and until 3 am on Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays

JC @ Jessey said...

Hi Paddy,

Thank you so much for passing by and dropped me a comment, I am really appreciated. Sky Bar is just awesome, I have a wonderful night on that night and will definitely drop in again! =)

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