Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kushi Q

This is the first food review at Tropicana City Mall with my makan companion - Mandy. She has suggested to hunting food at Tropicana City Mall as both of us never been there. Thus, we have heading to Tropicana City Mall after work for our cari makan plan. =P

Kushi Q restaurant located at LG floor which nearby Carrefour or maybe I should said more at corner area at LG. If you are not familiar of the shopping mall, you might like both of us, walking serveral times just to find this shop.

It should have some grill stuff displayed outside, however it's kinda disappointed on that day as they are running out quite some grill stuff.

Green Tea - RM1.50

Kushi Q - a Japanese grill restaurant which you can choose of a la carte or bento set.

Me and Mandy has go for Bento set D - Chicken + Beef + Seafood set, RM10.90. Comes with 4 skewers combination and a choice of rice or salad. However I have changed from beef to chicken as I can't take beef.. ^^

4 skewer combination..

Baby Octopus with sesame..

Scallop (Teriyaki flavor)

Chicken thigh with capsicum (Teriyaki flavor)

Chicken thigh with capsicum (Thai flavor)

Another Bento set D for Mandy with grill beef, chicken breast (Mentaiko flavor), chicken tight and scallop.

Bento set D seems can't satisfy our stomach, thus we decided to order additional grill stuff suchs as grill mushroom. RM1.50/stick.

Mackerelfish - RM2.50/stick

Chicken Wing - RM2.00/stick

If you are interested on their Japanese ice cream, you may try it out. It's imported from Japan. I did not try it out as it seems abit pricey.. =)

Kushi Q Sdn Bhd

LG20, Lower Ground.
Tropicana City Mall
Tel: +603-7728 3613
Fax: +603-7883 0935


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