Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Starview Restaurant, 仙景楼饭店

Starview Restaurant, 仙景楼饭店 located just behind Pacific Shopping Mall at Prai, believe most of the BM kia familiar of this place and this is the first time I try out this restaurant as well. Let's see how's the food there!

Some braised peanut for you before starting the dinner. Yum yum.. But too bad that I can't take peanut because of.. Pimple ma.. =p

The starter, 4 season which have Thai Style Fried Fish, Chicken, Brinjal with lotsa egg white and the last is some Salted duck egg fried with fish based. The brinjal put with egg white is kinda special, not bad to try.

Braised Sharkfins' with scallops..

All the foods have been set a pretty nice name, too bad that I can't remember the name.. This is the duck meat braised with some vege.

Fish .. lor! ^0^

Oh, I love this, Broccoli with lots of mushroom and fried beancurd hidden down there.. This is yummylicious!

Fried mee, in chinese called as 炒皇帝面. Hmm.. Is there something Emperor had for their breakfast too?? lolx

At last, their dessert comes with tong sui and Fried lotus pancake.

I didn't take their tong sui, according my sister she said the tong sui too sweet. Too much sugar huh.

But I had few of the lotus pancake because it's nice and the sweetness is just alright. =)

Starview Restaurant (Prai) Sdn Bhd, 仙景楼饭店
Tel: 04-397 1221
Tel: 04-397 1222

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Cherrie@樱桃 said...

thanks for sharing....i am looking for their phone..thanks

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