Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's nice in Bukit Mertajam?

Ya, what's famous in Bukit Mertajam? What so nice to eat in Bukit Mertajam? If you guys ever been to BM, you might know few, as I just went back to BM for few days thus I really got no time to try out all the foods. Hence, today I would like to introduce some of the foods I claimed that nice or delicious.

Pak Man Mee Kuah Ketam which located at Ceruk Tokun, been started their business since I was small until now, everyone in BM are familiar to this place. If you are not familiar, you may ask around where is the Mee Kuah selling at Ceruk Tokun, and they can easily pointing you to the direction. Of course, if you are not asking in Penang Island and wanna they pointing you how to go to BM.. Hehez..

There are few choices for you and the price all listed on the notice which they hang just beside their stall.

My all time favourite in mamak.. Teh O' Ais Limau..

My sister's boyfriend has ordered Mee Goreng Special which they have added on prawns, potato and maybe beef. If you didn't taking beef, please let them know. We have requested to poul some kuah on top of the mee goreng because it's more tasty. You can request them to do that if you feel so. RM3.50

My Mee Goreng biasa, comes with some squid. Err.. Please pay attention, the mee goreng biasa doesn't come with prawn, it just given by my sista's boyfriend.. ^^ RM3.00

Ok, guys... This is not the mee from Ceruk Tokun, don't misunderstand ya? I'm just putting all the foods pictures together as I stated: "What's nice in BM?".

This is called 馃汁in chinese, I personally not really into this but my sister claimed that this is good. So interested? This is located at Seri Sentosa - Le Yuan restaurant, 乐园餐馆. Every morning there are full of peoples and most of the foods are good.

This is the must try in Lee Yuan restaurant, Dry Hokkien Mee or Dry Prawn Mee in KL. It might looks normal here because I ordered only bihun and the reason is I don't like mee.. =P

The dry hokkien mee is good and I myself seldom try hokkien mee in KL because I claimed that penang hokkien mee is the best! Anyhow, personal opinion and you might disagree. =]


Mandy --blurQueen-- said...

Yur...dropping my saliva dy, after saw all your yummy penang food...Next time you go back penang, remember bring me along...

ling239 said...

i tot 粿什 is something sabah... or sarawak ~ :P

Little-queen said...

Why never bring us go during our JJCM Penang trip that time? >.<""

JC @ Jessey said...

Mandy: We can plan penang trip next time, then makan all da penang foods!

ling239: I'm not sure is't from Sabah or Sarawak.. But their 粿什not too bad tho.. no harm to try... ^^

QQ: Err.. Still rememeber we planned to go for makan but heavy rain? That's the time we missed out this place.. We can go at next time.. No worries.. hehe

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