Monday, January 5, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Soho KL

Finally, I have visited Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant this afternoon for their lunch buffet promotion. Currently they are having new opening offer from now till 15-Jan-2009 and promotion as following:

* RM29.90++ for 1 hour, add RM10 for subsequent hours.
* RM49.90++ for 4 hours plus (Lunch hours: 11.30am - 4pm)

From first me and my friend planned to go on weekend as we can have a relaxing lunch with no rush, however their weekend lunch buffet have fully booked, thus we decided to go on Monday with no choice. We have started our lunch at 12.30pm untill 2.30pm, thus the bill shall be RM39.90 per person.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at Soho KL, Solaris Mont Kiara. Soho KL is a place in dinning and dinner entertainment, you can find lots of fine dinning restaurant up there and I believe the night environment is awesome!

Outdoor view of Tenji.

Some Christmas decoration in Tenji.

Looks familiar to you? Yea, as they said Tenji boss was one of the Joyoga partners, and now open his own restaurant, thus everything will be similar to Jogoya concept. And this will be everyone's loves - Coconut drinks.. I have 2 of it, and I think I should get more huh?

Oh, I'm craving of it~ I love sashimi! Their salmons are thick enough and I had quite plenty of it! ^^

Grilled section..

Unagi, quite small portion than the display.. >.+"

Lamb Shoulder.. Small portion than expected too..

Udon Mee section..

Sifu is doing some deco on the sushi..

Squid Ink with Sun Dried Tomato & Beef Boloignaise with Papaya Salsa..

Spicy Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio..

Fish & Chips AND Panfry Salmon..
Chinese Herba Soup..

Oh! This is one of the section I feel so interesting! They are having Popcorn corner! When I pass by I saw a little girl was actually taking the popcorn, it looks so sweet~ How I wish I'm small girl too.. lolx

Ehem~ After all the Oyster, sashimi, grilled section, it's time for some dessert! There are having hundred of dessert for your choice! OMG, looks too sweet for me the cakes..

I was pretty full after all the meals thus I didn't go for their cakes just satisfy it by my eyes.. ~_^

Me with all the desserts~

Hehe.. My beloved Häagen-Dazs super premium ice cream in Tenji! One of the reason I was there this afternoon as well.

We go for Rum Raisin ice-cream and Green Tea flavour.

Another dessert - Mochi~ We having black sesame mochi and..Opps.. I can't remember the other one.. :P

Not too bad, worth to try if you like to eat sesame..

This is what I had for my first plate..

What my friend had for her... 3rd plate?

My Vietnam sauce prawn, grilled chicken..

Their promotion is quite worthy to try however the choices will be more lesser than Jogoya, but since it's offer price so why not?

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Lot L-01-01, SohoKL,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
No.2, Jalan Solaris,
50480 KL.

Tel: 1700-80-1818 (For reservation)

Lunch 11.30am - 4.00pm RM77++
Dinner 5.30pm - 9.30pm RM88++
Supper 10.00pm - 2.30am RM88++


Jerry G said...

this is really interesting, thanks :)

Little-queen said...

You went there without me T.T

Bad girl..

JC @ Jessey said...

Jerry G: So make ur move and try it out before the promotion end!

Little-queen: you fly to Cambodia without my notice too T.T Wait when u come back then go lur.. :P

Jessica said...

Hi.. I don't know you but I want to know, what is the number of this Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant?
It sound nice to eat there. I lived near Solaris, so can you give me the number? Thx u..


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