Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hatyai Trip - Part 2

Hatyai Trip - Part 2

Beautiful yet happening night in Hatyai.. You can see crowded everywhere along the streets and most of them were Malaysians or tourists from other countries. As Christmas just around the corner, thus you can see there was a beautiful Christmas tree infront of Lee Garden shopping center. Beloved white christmas~ Full of dream~ Full of happiness~

The Christmas tree and decorations is in between Lee Garden shopping center and Regency Hotel.

Sawadekap.. Spot the different? Different of Mr. McD in Malaysia and Thailand??

McDonald's shall be another enjoyable visiting place in Hatyai too.. Their menu is such a different from Malaysia. In Thailand, McDonald's serves the Samurai Pork Burger, flavored with teriyaki sauce, Jelly Trio Sundae cup and Taro Pie... Another "must" visit place!

Me and my sista, brother run to McDonald's and bought 2 Taro pie for dine-in, we bought another 2 back to hotel for our family..

They serves Pineapple pie, Corn pie and Taro Pie. The most special and most attractive me was -- Taro Pie (Because I won't go and try Peinapple pie which you can get in Malaysia ya?) How I wish I can try it again..

Oh ya, what so beautiful yet happening night in Hatyai? Look at the BIG prawn! You can find it in night market along the street which nearby Lee Garden too. Lotsa foods and lotsa attractive thing in night market.. Scroll down to get more pictures of foods!!!

Not sure what this called but I can see lots of customer is actually ordering this. We bought one pack too..

Some sweet kuih ba.. Not that delicious thou.. =P

Leng Lui selling fried stuff and their business is good! Foods was good too.. ^^

Small size sushi selling here!

"Bulat bulat" sushi?

One of the local specialties - Bamboo sticky rice, also called as "khao lam" in Thailand.

You can choose either black or white sticky bamboo rice..

She is enjoying the bamboo sticky rice..

We stop by again for Sotong Bakar..

Sauce for Sotong Bakar.. Yum Yum~

As I said.. 7-11 is one of the best place to shopping in Thailand.. Thus, we bought lotsa stuff back from 7-11.. Especially their drinks... ^_~

Limited Edition Pepsi-Cola..

Green Latte..

Look!!! Beauti Drink with Collagen ya?? Hehe.. We bought few bottles back, because of the design and .... It's Beauti Drink!!!

Next day morning, we went back to market again to buying some stuff which we have missed out yesterday and taking breakfast just opposite side of the market.

Honestly, their chicken, "char siew" and "lap cheong" rice is pretty good! I wonder why they put half boiled egg? Thai version?

Wan tan mee.. After breakfast, time for shopping and shopping again.. Food, bag, shoes, clothes, what's more?? Doll.. yea..

Look at all the doll that we bought back..

Big head doggie.. Anyone??

Another doggie, wear spectacle in action..
Eventhough this is just a Hatyai trip, however we spent more than what we expected.. In another word, we are "bankrupt"~ We got not enough Thai Baht to spent even in the first night at Hatyai and need to change more from our parents.. Haha.. So.. sometimes change more Thai Baht is better than less right?


Anonymous said...

Hello~! I wanna ask you how did you guys get to make the trip to Hatyai so cheap, RM100 for Return trip and Stay.

Please contact me by email at[at]hotmail[dot]com


Anonymous said...

i travel every month from spore to hatyai - direct KKKL express bus.

i am a happy person in hatyai

JC @ Jessey said...

Travel every month from Spore to Hatyai? Wow.. Frequent traveler ya.. If I got a chance to go back Hatyai again, I will visit their new flooding market there.. =)

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