Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Mom's Curry Mee Stall!

Believe people of you out there sure have something you are really craving for when you back to your own country or hometown. I have back to my hometown - Bukit Mertajam for holiday 3 weeks ago and one thing I must do is to visit my mom and dad's stall at Butterworth! I love what my mom's cooks all the time and I miss it so much!

Tonight, we have decided and heading towards to Butterworth and try out all the foods we have missed all the time suchs as fried chicken, curry mee, char keow teow and many many more~ There you go!

Eh? Who is this girl? She is my younger sista! My mom was away from the stall so we quickly play a role on selling Curry Mee~ lolx

This is my mom's Curry Mee stall where located at Butterworth, nearby Raja Uda area.

I have ordered one Curry Mee from my sista and she is doing it for me~ Waiting waiting my Curry Mee.. ^0^

There you go! My lovely Curry Mee is here finally served by my lovely younger sista!

Small - RM2.50, Big - RM3.00.. The price is definitely cheaper than KL and the food is definitely delicious than KL too! (Maybe some of you doesn't agree but that's my own opinion yo~)

Huh? Fried chicken?? Yea, that's my dad's stall! I did not post the pictures up here because the quality is below my expectation, thus I will post it again next time!

After makan and drinking, kacao-ing.. It's time to be a good daughters there! We are helping our parents to washing all the plates~ lolx


vkeong said...

hey, where is the exact location of your father's stall? might drop by and give a try when I come back during CNY holidays, hehe

JC @ Jessey said...

Hi vkeong, the exact location should be "Sin Tatt Garden". However it's still nearby Raja Uda. It is opposite site the food court "Huang Yan Fa - 黄炎发" or "Shui Jing Gong - 水晶宫" which is further abit than 黄炎发.

If you ever stop by there before, you should know along the stalls has a famous "Yau Cha Koay" stalls selling by siblings. My father's stall just located at road side of "Sin Tatt Garden"

Thank you for your support in advance.. Maybe can meet you there at CNY if got chance! =]

Shah said...

Two lovely ladies, selling mee curry! that rhymes and must be a best seller there..!

akito_28 said...

at where d...ang mo che..

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