Friday, January 9, 2009

Hatyai Trip - Part 1

Another trip with my lovely families after Cameron Highlands Trip at May 2008. This time we would like to plan an over sea trip to Thailand - Hatyai which is on 19th December 2008 for 2 days 1 night trip.

As discussed, there are up to 20 of us joining the Hatyai trip! Woah! 20 of family members will be joining on Hatyai trip, excited more than anything! We decided to go by bus as my aunts knowing one of the travel bus driver. Each of us will just need to pay RM100 to the trip which including return transport and accomodation for sharing of 2.

Departual Date and Time: 19th Dec 2008, 5am MYT at Bukit Mertajam. Due to that, me and my sista have taken long leave while enjoying Hatyai trip and spending time with family. It might take 2-3 hours to reach Malaysian border if not mistaken, we have stop nearby Bukit Kayu Hitam for resting and changing some Thai Baht (THB), exchange rate for Thai Baht nearby border is more higher than other places suchs as Penang, KL or etc.. As I recalled, Thai Baht exchange rate at Bukit Mertajam will be: RM1 :: 9.50THB, however exchange rate at Bukit Kayu Hitam will be: RM1 :: 9.70THB. Some info about Hatyai if you are interested.. =]

About Hatyai
Hat Yai is a southern thailand's major commercial, communication, entertainment and shopping center. It is the fourth largest city in Thailand which located in Songkhla province, 947 km. from Bangkok and 50 km. north of the Malaysian border. It is a very popular city for tourists from neighbouring countries, it is also the region's communication hub and is easily accessed by cars, trains and by planes.

Hat Yai is the city of happiness. Many visitors who had been there figuratively called it "Little Paris of the Southern of Thailand". If you come to Hat Yai, you will be able to get many facilities as much as your pocket money is available. Hat Yai is keeping growing. Many things have been developed for following the changing in the world and comforting the increasing tourists and its population. Hat Yai, therefore, is always ready for welcoming the visitors.

Many many articles you are able to find out in Google. So "googling" it if you want to find out more or read my blog as below:

We stop at Bukit Kayu Hitam to change some Thai Baht.. RM200? RM300? Or more??

Simple breakfast for me before heading to Hatyai.. Eggs was abit cool as they didn't heat it up..

Yea! We are in Thailand's border! Queuing at Thai immigration complex while waiting for entering to Sadao.. That's my younger bro yea~

Welcome To The Kingdom Of Thailand! Sawadekap.. ^_~

After entering to Sadao, tour guide has bring us to some interesting places in Sadao, Tang Kuan Hill is one of it. This is the return life ticket for visiting Tan Kuan Hill..

My naughty cousin sista..

Going up! Ya, we are waiting for the life to the hill..

We are able to see Cat & Rat Island from Tang Kuan Hill sight, does the Island look like Ratty? But where is the cat then? When you get down to Tang Kuan Hill, you can require your tour guide bring you to some other palces nearby there suchs as Samila Beach and Laem Son Onn. The major landmark of the Samila beach is the Golden Mermaid statue, a prominent symbol of Songkhla.

Delicious Thai style ice cream, yummy yummy! Worth to try! A scope of vanilla ice cream, scope of pulut, peanut, sea coconut mixed with coconut milk, nice combination! You can find out along the street in Hatyai.

This is the place where we get "chop" by the restaurant when they stop us for lunch. We have ordered 6 dishes end up we need to paid up to RM500 for 2 tables!!!!! RM500 man! Which is around 5000 thai baht! This is what chinese called as "Water fish" 水鱼.. Let's take a look whether it is worthy for the price we paid..

Crabs with thai sauce..

Fish.. "Water fish".. =.=""

Steamed prawns..


Tom Yam seafoods.. Their Tom Yam has disappoint me a little abit as not spicy and sour enough..

Mango Kerabu with cashew nuts.. A good side dish for appetizer tho.. So, 6 dishes as above, does worth for RM250 per table?? We aren't happy as we all have the same thought as we got CON!

Well, after the super expensive lunch, it's time for us to get some bird's nest and shark's fin.. As known, Thailand is one of the place where you can get a cheaper bird's nest and shark's fin soup to satisfy your stomach.

Speacial tea provided by them.. 泡参茶。。

Bird's net with sea coconut.. 200 Thai Baht for bird's net..

Fuyoh~ Shark's fin for 400 Thai Baht with mushroom and crab sticks.. Yummy!

Outside view of MayFlower Hotel, right opposite 7-11, one of the shopping place in Thailand.. =)

My sister said MayFlower Hotel more newer and cleaner than Lee Garden Hotel, so if anyone of you thinking of booking a hotel in Hatyai, might consider MayFlower Hotel, it just opposite site of Lee Garden Hotel.

After putting all of our belonging, the ever first thing we do will be heading to Hatyai famous shopping center. Transport within Hat Yai is most convenient by the four-wheeled "Tuk-tuk" minibuses that accommodate up to 10 people. Do remember to negotiated first before you taking the "tuk tuk" otherwise you run the risk of being overcharged.

Most journeys around town should not cost any more than 20 baht per person. We have been negotiated down to 10-15 baht per person. Keep it in mind.
More more and more shoes for your choice..

Any bags?

Mango pulut? A MUST try in Thailand! The only word I can describe is: Delicious!

Some other stall along the road.. Oh ya, she's my grandma! ^^

Thai Fragrant Baked Coconut for the super hot day might help you..

To be Con't.. part 2...


vkeong said...

I have never been to hatyai before but i did try the Thai ice cream before in Penang. It's great stuff with smooooth texture! Keep updating your trip. it's nice to read :)

JC @ Jessey said...

Thank you for the comment and I will update the 2nd part soon~ =] Where to get the Thai ice cream in Penang? Still remember the location?

Little-queen said...

Hatyai.. Oh Hatyai, I want to be there too.. =P

Little-queen said...

Faster post part 2 of Hatyai, I want to see more and know more before I go there.. Hehe..

How? U want be there for 2nd time or not with me and Rattie ~

JC @ Jessey said...

If go with Mature-QQ and Rattie sure want lah.. Plan it lah.. Go Go JJCM Go!

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