Monday, May 4, 2009

223 Nasi Lemak

Did you ever wonder what you can get in the middle of the night when you are hungry? Fast food? Hmm.. Not a good idea for tonight.. Maybe some otak-otak and nasi lemak bungkus will do yea?

223 Nasi Lemak is a place which me any my colleagues will visit once awhile when we are working on night shift and come to supper time. It's somewhere located at PJ area. When you heading to Digital Mall, PJ, you will be stopping at Jln 222 traffic light and a Malay Mosque is just at your right handside. Turn to the right after traffic light and go straigh all the way to the end. It's located after Stamford College and opposite Amway building.

Their yummylicious otak-otak at RM0.50/stick.

There are 2 different brand of nasi lemak which recognize with Red/Blue ink stamp. I have tried on 2 different nasi lemak bungkus just to compare which is more delicious.

This is red ink stamp nasi lemak, "Yati" nasi lemak which I personally think more delicious, it just simply because the spice of sambal is just nice and feel like having another pack.

The other brand with blue ink stamp, "Suri" nasi lemak.

"Suri" nasi lemak sambal is more watery and become so spicy on that night, as I know their sambal is not as hot as "Yati" nasi lemak, however on that night what I can feel is just a HOT.. Maybe you will say: more spicy for the nasi lemak, more delicious. I totally agreed with you, but is not applied on that nasi lemak because what I can feel is just a taste of chilli but nothing more. Maybe I should try next time again.

Each pack of the nasi lemak just cost of RM1.20, so it's kinda worthy and you will hardly found a nasi lemak with price of RM1.20 nowadays.

Neslo ais (Nescafe + Milo)

Take a look on these bunch of banana leaf and you will know how good business they are everynight.. =)


Elvin and Little-queen said...

Oh god.. The Nasi Lemak looked so delicious, please buy me and Elvin one each next time you're going there again ^.^

JC @ Jessey said...

Haha.. Thank you for reviewing my blog.. =) Okok.. Next time bring you and Elvin along if I plan to go there, no need tapao ok? Eat the fresh one and otak otak too! ^^

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