Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hokkien Mee @ Seksyen 17

Been introduce by my friend this stall of Hokkien Mee which located at PJ, Seksyen 17. Thus, we are heading to Seksyen 17 one day and try it out. You may find this hokkien mee at one of the restaurant called Restaurant Say Huat around Seksyen 17. I'm not really familiar on that area so pardon me that I can't really point out the exact location.. =)

The hokkien mee taste abit dry on that day, not much "wok hei" too maybe. Overall it still taste ok.. You may try it out if you want.. Hehz..

Not much sentences to a plate of hokkien mee, in fact I can't think too much of sentences now too because it's almost bed time, my braind almost in hung mode. lolz Let the picture tells the story yea..

Oh yea, Good Night and Sweet Dream my friends.. =)

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