Thursday, December 11, 2008

San Francisco Steakhouse - 2nd review

Hi All, apologize that quite sometimes I did not post anything on the blog due to busy on my work this day. Today, would like to post my 2nd review on San Francisco Steakhouse which have been last Tuesday for my ex-colleague farewell lunch @ Mid Valley.

Took some photo of Mid Valley X'mas decoration.

It looks a bit simple and not much X'mas feels for me.. I prefer white christmas. What do you think?

With no suprise, bread of the day.. :P

Come with soup of the day for set meal of RM16.90

Tuesday set meal with choice of Lamb Shoulder served with grilled vegetables and fries.

The lamb is tender and juicy yet not disappoint me, I'm satisfy with my set meal of da day.. ^^*

The other set meal for Tuesday will be Grilled Salmon served with boiled potato and vegetables. I did not try on the grilled salmon and my ex-colleagues didn't comment on the set meal as well. Hmm.. I think it just normal as what we expected ya?

For those who wanna go and have a try, you still can go now as I believe the promotion is still available. Enjoy ur meal!

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