Monday, September 29, 2008

Noble House

My logging Noble House, finally I have visited you! Why I called it as logging Noble House? Because me and my ex-colleagues have planned this makan trip for a year due to... reasons.. lots of reason.. I know this because of reviewing Jackson blog, and we met him at Noble house! Think that is his 3rd reviewed?? or maybe more..

There are 6 of us joining this lunch buffet and we deicided to try on RM39++ lunch buffet with one bowl of sharkfin's soup. My stomache is getting ready to handle all of this!

Look at this sharkfin's! This is why we insist to vist Noble House..

Beloved baby-octopus! Yummy~

Prawn in a cup?

What a delicious lobster salad..

Salmon fish..

I can't really name it, they have stuffed some meat with the egg york inside.

Hey! See the char siew? Wow.. My saliva is almost dropping~~

Their best selling peking duck with wraps, I have wait for this so~~long..

Hmm... Orange top-up with chicken floss..

Something nice in Noble House which is you're able to try out different kind of dishes every half an hour, they will never repeat the same dishes and it's yummy..

Too much oily? Eating some vege ba..

Dessert time! Non-stop eating.. =.+"

A bill of 6, for your reference.. So call and make the reservation now!


Anne Saw said...

Wow.. delicious.. is it a promotion from the The Noble house? Now still available?

JC @ Jessey said...

Yea, it's a promotion from Nobel house, and it's still available if not mistaken. Worth to try, especially when it comes with sharkfins' soup... =P

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