Monday, September 29, 2008

Full House @ NZX

It's another makan session and gathering for SRA members again. This time, I would like to thank to Mandy who found out this wonderful place in Yen Fen's friendster photo, so that we can have a great time in Full House @ NZX, Ara Damansara.

Here we are, Full House Lifestyle Store & Cafe

Mini Cooper infront of Full House.

An nyoung ha se yo! This is hello in korean, once you step in Full House, they will say hello to you in Korean, feel like back to Korean - Full House drama..

Let me serve you today! What you wanna eat? 今天想吃什么?

Their special comic style menu.. So wonderful.. ^^*

According to newspaper, Full House Cafe managed by 4 best friends which play on different role in restaurant, thus their special menu characters is also based on 4 of them, included Toy (doggie)

So, you wanna go for Tiffany's meal or Thomas's? Or Tony..

All of us go for lunch set which including (Ais Lemon Tea, Mushroom Soup, Main Course and dessert)

Cappuccino Mushroom Soup

SRA present and ex-members..

After makan, what to do? Time for picture! Referring to their name, Lifestyle store & Cafe, all you seeing in your eyes is for sells! From accessories, clothing, shoes, etc etc..

Pick one! But pay it ok?

Looking for more info? More picture? KampungboyCitygal

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