Sunday, December 13, 2009

Restaurant Teo Chew - 美香味潮州菜馆

Celebrating Mommy's birthday at Restaurant Teo Chew located at Chai Leng Park, Prai. Penang. We have ordered set dinner which have 8 Teo Chew dishes including dessert. I'm here to wish my dad and mom stay healthy, happiness all the time.. =)

Birthday Longevity Noodles 长寿面. Chinese have their tradition of eating longevity noodles on their birthday, believed that eating these noodles is auspicious as the long strands of noodles symbolize a long life.

Marmite Chicken and Lemon Chicken.

Braised Eggplant with Bean Curd.

Thai Style Steamed Fish..

Sambal Prawns..

Yam Paste Dessert with Ginkgo Nuts..

Happy Birthday Mommy! =) Bill end up with RM291.00, a simple yet enjoyable dinner with my family.. Great one!

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Anonymous said...

the food nice?

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