Monday, September 7, 2009

San Francisco Steakhouse

My birthday celebration, nothing fancy, no romance scene, no big suprise, but sweetest celebration, as it is only both of us.. =)

Have suggested few places for dinner previously however due to some reasons, we have change the dinner venue to Tropicana City Mall, dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse and pick "The Taking of Pelham 123" as movie..

Lovely Häagen-Dazs Strawberry Milk Shake - RM14.90, slurppss.. I just LOVE Häagen-Dazs... ^^* Oh, not forget to mentioned, the other is Diet Coke - RM6.90.. Hehehe..

Complimentary bread with garlic.. Just wonder why it is from Santini??

Main course! There you go! My all time favourite.. Lamb Chop - RM33.90, the meat was tender and most importantly is, it don't have milky smell.. Thus, it should be acceptable for those poeple who don't like milky smell lamb chop..

Forest Mushroom Sauce - RM2.90. I just realise the sauce is not comes with the steaks but additional order.. Opps..

Strip Steak, a perfectly flavoured and fabulous charbroiled sirloin steak - RM45.90.. A medium-well-steak goes perfectly for sirloin steak.. However, it still depends on individual flavours..

Dinner was perfect, eventhough it's abit rushing, but always appreciate what you have now and I'm glad what I have now.. =)


Anne Saw said...

It's been a long long while i didn't visit SanFran Steak.. the food still good ?

Btw, who u going with? no photo meh.. lol

JC @ Jessey said...

Hehe.. Long time you didn't visit SanFran Steakhouse how about SanFran coffee? You may take it anytime you want in office.. =P

The food still good, they still maintain the quality of the food, go and try it Anne!

And.. Too bad, I got no photo to show you as I only took foods at that night, maybe next time yea? lol

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