Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RM10 durian buffet @ SS2

The durian season has begin!!! Everyone seems crazy about durian within these few months as the durian season fall on June - August. And now, durian buffet even available at SS2, Petaling Jaya, thus, me and my makan gang has heading to SS2 for our durian feast!

There are few stalls available and it's located just behind police station and BHP petrol station at SS2, you can easily spot it if you pass by the "bridal street" at SS2.

We have tried out the RM10 "Makan Sampai Kenyang" Pahang durian stall. Hope that we can eat till drop.. =P

There are actually few stalls at same area, thus you can even find RM5 All you can eat durian and also RM9 All you can eat durian buffet available.

Please bear in mind, for RM10 durian buffet, what you can get is only kampung durian but not D24, red prawn and some others branded durian. But, cheaper durian doesn't mean bad and branded durian doesn't mean very good isn't it?

While waiting some of our makan gang arrive, we have asked the staff there to get us few durians for shooting and makan-ing too.

The first round durian was good, we are pretty satisfy for the durians they gave to us.

See the durian? Even is just kampung durian, but still good right?

However... When it goes to 2nd and 3rd round.. The durian quality has dropped. We found out that the durian they gave us was hard and less taste. We are pretty disappointed and start complaining to one of the Malay staff there. Were requested him to give us nice durian like 1st round.

My part of makan makan gang..

And know what? The complain did works! The malay guy has gave us one big bonus for this durian buffet! D24 durian!!! And this is the best durian we have ever had in this durian buffet.. I guess sometimes consumer really need to sound out so that we can have a better service and better treat~ =)

In conclusion, my quota for durian in this year has finished used. So please try again next year! From now on, I have to drink a lot of plain water, green tea and also 100 plus isotonic drink to cool down my body heat.. This is what you need to pay for after durian feast~ ^^

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